• The Beetle Fender Edition is named after the well-known guitar maker
  • Musically themed touches include an included subwoofer and a Fender audio system
  • The model has been officially green-lighted for production

After showing a concept last fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen has confirmed that the Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, named for the popular guitar maker, will soon become a production reality. Although the automaker was light on details, the guitar-themed Beetle is expected to include several modifications from the concept when it arrives stateside later this year. 

Unfortunately for buyers interested in transforming their vehicle into a rolling guitar, not all of the concept's most novel features will see production. Among the items dropped are an electric guitar connection located on the Beetle's Fender subwoofer and a tube amplifier on the dashboard, each designed to let buyers enjoy their favorite guitar anywhere they're parked.

But a host of exciting items still made the cut. Car shoppers interested in music will be pleased that the Beetle Fender Edition retains the concept's subwoofer, although it has to be connected using an auxiliary port or a Bluetooth-based smartphone app. The Beetle will also keep the concept's Fender sound system, which will be especially enticing to music-loving car shoppers who aren't used to finding such a high-quality stereo in the hatchback market segment.

In addition to its audio upgrades, the finalized Beetle Fender Edition also includes several stylistic enhancements. On the outside, the Beetle will offer aluminum window trim, a distinctive lower front grille, chromed side mirrors, 19-inch chromed wheels and a narrow aluminum trim strip below each door. Revisions to the Beetle's interior include Fender logos peppered throughout and two-tone wood dashboard trim that pays homage to Fender's distinctive sunburst guitar finish.

The Beetle Fender Edition is the latest result of Volkswagen's partnership with the musical instrument manufacturer. The two companies also joined forces to offer Fender audio systems in several other Volkswagen models, including the new 2012 Passat and sporty Jetta GLI.

For car shoppers interested in more information about the Beetle Fender Edition, we'll report on a projected release date and finalized pricing as soon as Volkswagen announces those details.

What it means to you: Music lovers will especially appreciate the latest special edition Beetle.

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