Most shoppers buy hybrids for one of two reasons: some want to save a little money, and others want to save the world. In an attempt to really put these two notions to the test, my fellow AutoTrader writer, Whitney Homans, and I plan to take our long-term 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid on a road trip to New York.

...From Atlanta. That's nearly 900 miles each way.

Our goal is two-fold: from my perspective, I'll cover how our Optima Hybrid holds up over the long haul. Creature comforts, features, driving dynamics and fuel economy are my gig. Whitney's job is ultimately more interesting, though. She'll focus on the "green" aspects of driving a hybrid: everything from how much money we'll save by driving the Kia to where to eat and shop locally on the road, with tips on living a greener, more eco-friendly life along the way.

We'll try to make the absolute smallest environmental/carbon footprint possible, and we might even practice a little bit of yoga at our resting points. We plan to make stops with the Kia at each state line and in the occasional major city, with an overnight stay in D.C. We'll also bring along a furry companion - Whitney's four-pound Pomeranian, Grady.

If you're interested in following our progress or want to keep us company during the drive, make sure to follow AutoTrader's Facebook fan page and Twitter feeds. If you comment, we'll comment back. And just for fun, ask us a few questions about the car along the way, and we might even get the chance to shoot a video in response.

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Davis Adams is a writer and content producer for the editorial team. Previously, he helped craft digital media for several automotive industry brands, including Consumer Reports, Toyota and Porsche. Davis feels at home on the track, and he owns a 2006 Lotus Elise that has seen its fair share of autocross courses.

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