• Renderings from TopSpeed.com depict a taut, muscular coupe
  • Inspiration is drawn from the legendary 1969-70 Mustang Mach 1
  • 2015 Mustang is set to debut early next year

What will the new 2015 Mustang will look like? That question seems to be on a lot of people's minds. Like you, we're anxious to see the new car. Given the history and popularity of the Ford Mustang, we can't help but be intrigued about the 2015 model's new look.

There's always a lot of online speculation when a new car comes out, but the 2015 Ford Mustang must be about to set some kind of record. Everyone wants to put in their two cents about Ford's latest pony car, and some of the chatter we've seen has been downright absurd. (No, the Mustang GT will not be giving up its V8!) But there are also some voices of reason out there, and the artist behind these renderings from TopSpeed.com seems to be one of them.

Take a peek. We think this could be the closest anyone's come to capturing the streamlined look of the upcoming 2015 Mustang.

50 Years of Mustang

Noting that Ford recently applied to trademark the iconic Mach 1 name, TopSpeed decided to render the 2015 Mustang in Mach 1 trim. It's not too far-fetched that Ford might commemorate the Mustang's 50th anniversary next year with a limited-edition Mach 1 model, and after seeing these renderings, we certainly hope they will. 

The matte-black hood with its prominent scoop is straight off the original 1969 Mach 1, except TopSpeed moved the scoop forward and down for a mean, modern look. And while we could do without the contrasting black rear spoiler -- it reminds us too much of something from Nissan, and the original didn't have one anyway -- we have no doubt that this special-edition Mustang would fly off dealer lots. It's hot.

Realistic Speculation

But the basic shape and features would apply to every 2015 Ford Mustang, and we like what we see. One aspect of the current Mustang that's never looked quite right is its prominent rear overhang, but that's replaced in these renderings by a clipped rear end that's more sports car than muscle car. 

Also, the formerly prominent B-pillar has been replaced by a simple black strip that makes the car appear almost pillarless. It's classy touches like these that could bring a more diverse group of driving enthusiasts into the Mustang fold. The same goes for the streamlined front end, which draws inspiration from both the Ford Evos concept car and various coupes from the former Ford subsidiary Aston Martin. We think the TopSpeed renderings strike a realistic balance between the sophistication the new Mustang needs and the power it must continue to project.

What it means to you: Redesigning the Mustang is a serious undertaking, and there's always a chance that Ford will mess it up (see, for example, the infamous 1970s Mustang II). Here's hoping that TopSpeed has the right idea.

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Josh Sadlier is an automotive journalist based in Los Angeles and has contributed to such publications as Edmunds.com and DriverSide.com. He holds arguably the most unexpected degree in his profession: a master's in Theological Studies.

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