• BMW's high-performance M5 now offered with Competition Package
  • Package adds 15 horsepower, stiffens suspension, improves steering
  • BMW says the package is available now on 2014 M5 models

Performance-obsessed drivers, take note: The BMW M5 is now available with even more power than usual. That's due to the sedan's new Competition Package, which offers extra power and several other sporty upgrades.

According to BMW, the Competition Package adds around $6,000 to the M5's $96,000 base price, which is a hefty sum, even for the high-dollar super sedan. Many drivers, though, will find the option package to be worth the money, largely due to the upgrades it offers under the M5's skin. That's because the package boasts competition tuning, which adds an extra 15 horsepower to the M5's already impressive 560 horses. Also included is stiffer suspension and more responsive steering, both designed to improve the M5's performance on the racetrack.

Beyond revisions to the M5's suspension, steering and engine, the Competition Package also offers a few upgrades to the sedan's appearance. Such changes include unique 20-inch alloy wheels, along with black chrome trim on the sedan's exhaust tips. BMW also says that M5 models equipped with the Competition Package will receive a louder, sportier exhaust note.

While the upgrades will certainly improve the M5's track times, most drivers won't find them necessary. That's because the M5 already boasts tremendous performance, owing to its turbocharged 4.4-liter V8, a lightning-quick 7-speed automatic or the available 6-speed manual and a muscle-car-like 502 lb-ft of torque. Each of those items helps give the M5 an impressive 0-to-60 time of just 4.2 seconds, which places it in the realm of many high-performance sports cars.

But shoppers who want the last word in BMW sedan performance will want to check out the Competition Package. BMW says it's available on the 2014 M5, and drivers who want the package can begin ordering it now.

What it means to you: The already-enjoyable BMW M5 is getting a little faster thanks to its newly available Competition Package.

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Doug DeMuro has a wide range of automotive industry experience, from work at a Ferrari dealership to a manager for Porsche North America. A lifelong car enthusiast, Doug's eclectic vehicle purchases include a Porsche 911 Turbo, an E63 AMG wagon, an old Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz G-wagen.

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