• Chevy Volt owners have driven 500 million electric miles since Volt's launch
  • Volt drivers are in electric mode 63 percent of the time
  • Chevy says the average Volt drives nearly 1,000 miles between gas fill-ups

Chevrolet Volt owners have officially traveled 500 million miles in fully electric mode since the plug-in hybrid hatchback went on sale in December 2010. Chevrolet recently announced that statistic and several other interesting usage statistics about the Volt.

Another interesting Volt stat: Chevrolet says that Volt owners use the car's all-electric mode 63 percent of the time. That's in spite of the fact that the Volt's electric motor allows for just 40 miles of range out of a total 380 total miles when combined with the gas engine, so it's likely that many Volt owners drive their cars shorter distances or frequently recharge it between trips.

Consider yet another new Volt-related statistic from Chevrolet: The average Volt drives a whopping 970 miles between gasoline fill-ups. In other words, many drivers travel long distances and go a long time between fuel stops, instead using the car's electric motor for most of their driving.

Chevrolet also says a few owners have found that the Volt may be a little greener than the Environmental Protection Agency says it is. While the government agency suggests that the Volt can travel just 38 miles between charges, the automaker notes that around 15 percent of drivers make it more than 40 miles before the gasoline engine kicks in. Undoubtedly, this figure can be altered by factors such as driving style and road type.

So how does Chevy know all these facts? The automaker says they're gleaned from on-board computer data in thousands of Volt vehicles, giving Chevrolet insight into how shoppers use the plug-in hybrid. Chevrolet has sold more than 60,000 Volt units since December 2010, giving the automaker thousands of data points to examine.

What it means to you: The popular Chevrolet Volt continues to find favor with shoppers interested in saving money and the environment, and Chevy's newly released stats help to explain why.

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