Dawn Hayes: The station wagon used to be the favorite family vehicle. BMW, Volvo and Subaru still make great ones. Now Acura is joining that lineup with what it calls a sport wagon. Hi, I'm Dawn Hayes.

Vanessa Leigh: And I'm Vanessa Leigh. And you're watching AutoTrader's new-car review for the 2011 Acura TSX. Now, it has been 14 years since Acura has built a true station wagon. But now they aim to correct that.

Dawn: The TSX definitely has looks on its side with its racy sloping rear hatch that's also practical, because with a hatch like that, you're less likely to bump your head loading and unloading.

Vanessa: And the cargo space is nice and flat with plenty of room.

The standard equipment lineup in this five-seat wagon is exceptional. There's automatic climate control, Bluetooth and a seven-speaker sound system.

Dawn: And there are lots of airbags, including full-length side curtain bags, tilt and telescoping steering wheel as well as an eight-way power driver's seat with memory and a four-way passenger's seat.

Vanessa: And there's also foglights and a standard sunroof as well as a lot of active safety features like anti-lock brakes, traction control and computerized stability control.

Dawn: There are some options, like a rear-view camera, remote engine start and a hard drive navigation system. Now all these things are great to have, but it can make the control panel a little busy, so new drivers are going to have to take a little while to get used to it.

The TSX doesn't sacrifice a comfortable ride for sporty handling. Its reflexes are athletic.  The steering is quick and precise, and the ride is comfortable yet firm.

Vanessa: However, the V6 version doesn't feel as light on its feet as the 4-cylinder TSX. You can feel the added weight of the larger engine. Still, the interior is as quiet as any luxury sedan.

Dawn: I'd call this an entry-level luxury vehicle without the luxury price. The base model starts at just shy of $30,000, and the V6 is about $5,000 more.

Vanessa: Those prices make me think that Acura really wants to make a dent in the competition. This company will only make 4,000 TSX wagons this year, so if you want one, you better get in line.

Dawn: If you're looking for more performance, then the V6 is the way to go. But if you want great standard equipment, very good mileage, plus a lot of power for a family wagon, then AutoTrader recommends the 4-cylinder TSX wagon. I'm Dawn Hayes.

Vanessa: And I'm Vanessa Leigh. Thanks for watching this New Car Review of the 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon-right here on AutoTrader, The Ultimate Automotive Marketplace.     

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