The all-new 2015 Honda Fit is a big deal, because new Fits don't come around very often. In fact, this is only the third time Honda has redesigned its top-selling compact hatchback. Was it worth the wait? And then some. Not that the previous Fit was in dire need of an update, but Honda seems to have hit all the right notes this time around. Here are five reasons why the 2015 Honda Fit could be a perfect match.

Even More Versatile

A cornerstone of the Fit's appeal has always been its amazingly versatile interior, and now there's even more passenger space. Four 6-footers? No problem; this thing has room for the whole crew, thanks to a whopping 5 extra inches of rear-seat legroom. Plus, the Fit's so-called Magic Seat continues to offer multiple layouts for the best balance between people-hauling and cargo-hauling.

Fancier Features

We'd never accuse the previous Fit of being luxurious, but the new one really steps up its game. Bluetooth comes standard, and leather upholstery is available for the first time. Plus, Honda has improved the interior materials, adding some soft-touch surfaces in place of those old rock-hard panels. You could see and feel the cost-cutting in previous Fits, but the new one is just plain nice.

Better Mpg

The Fit has never been a gas hog, exactly, but we always thought it should do better than its mid-30s ratings. So we're pleased to report that the new Fit breaks the magic 40-miles-per-gallon barrier, hitting a class-leading 41 mpg. Hey, if you're gonna drive a compact hatchback, you want your mpg, right? The new Fit finally delivers, and that'll only enhance its appeal.

More Rewarding on the Road

The Fit gets 13 more horsepower under the hood, but the new transmissions are the big news. The slick-shifting manual now has six speeds instead of five, while the automatic is a gearless continuously variable transmission for smoother, more efficient performance. Plus, the Fit is quieter and more stable now, thanks to a longer wheelbase and revised suspension tuning, yet it's still a blast to toss around on tight roads. It's just a better car to drive.

A Smattering of Style

The Fit will never be known for its edgy styling, but the new model adds some nice touches. You get standard 16-in 5-spoke wheels or optional bigger ones, with LED taillights and a strong character line running down the side. For an economy hatch, this Fit doesn't look half bad.

AutoTrader Says

We've always liked the Fit, and with the new model's thoughtful improvements, we like it even more. If you need a hatchback that can do it all for well under $20,000, try a Fit on for size.


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