Even if you're not into cars, you've probably heard of the 2014 Toyota Sienna. This top-selling minivan is well known for a reason: Toyota's been building it forever, and its reputation is second to none. Whether you're looking for safety, space or technology, the Sienna has you covered. Here are five reasons why the Sienna could be just what your family needs.

Versatile Interior

The Sienna comes with 8-passenger seating by default, with available second-row captain's chairs for a 7-seat layout. But on high-end models, you can enjoy second-row lounge seats with integrated ottomans for a true first-class experience. And the Sienna can swallow 150 cu ft. of cargo, so it doubles as a pretty decent moving van. You just can't beat a minivan for sheer versatility, and the Sienna is rolling proof.

Available All-Wheel Drive

If it snows where you live, the Sienna is made with you in mind. Although front-wheel drive is standard, there's an optional all-wheel-drive (AWD) system that turns the Sienna into a 4-season all-star. Here's a fun fact: The Sienna is the only minivan with optional AWD. It's the only way to get minivan functionality along with the surefootedness of an SUV.


The Sienna's optional rear-seat entertainment system has a super-cool split-screen function, allowing some of the kids to play a video game while the others watch a movie. The adults get some toys, too, including Entune mobile-app integration with the optional touchscreen navigation system. You can even have Pandora tunes streaming through a sweet JBL stereo. If your family's into tech, the Sienna takes a back seat to no minivan on the market.

Proven V6

We can't say enough about Toyota's battle-tested 3.5-liter V6. It's rated at 266 horsepower in the Sienna, but it feels even stronger than that; when you put your foot down, this van really scoots. It also returns up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway, so all of that power doesn't come at a price. If you have any doubt that this is the best engine in any minivan, consider that Lotus uses essentially the same V6 in the exotic Evora sports car.

Relaxing Drive

When you have a van full of kids, the last thing you need is road noise or impact harshness. You want a soothing ride that lulls those kids to sleep, and that's exactly what the 2014 Toyota Sienna provides. This van loves to cruise in comfort, and it keeps every passenger isolated from the elements.

AutoTrader Says

The Sienna has been a top choice for many years, and it just keeps getting better. Don't buy a minivan without driving this Toyota first.

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Josh Sadlier is an automotive journalist based in Los Angeles and has contributed to such publications as Edmunds.com and DriverSide.com. He holds arguably the most unexpected degree in his profession: a master's in Theological Studies.

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