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2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Ownership: Electrified Competition

I haven’t shied away from downright gushing about the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, but I also know shopping around means checking out what else is out there. And that’s a good thing — you want some choices when you’re in the market for a new car.

You’d think the Pacifica’s competitors would be such celebrated minivans and SUVs as the Honda Odyssey or Pilot or the Toyota Sienna or Highlander, but the hybrid component makes comparison a little tricky. For those wanting a hybrid minivan with three rows, your options are quite limited.

Limited, but not non-existent. Here are a few that have a lot of the same standout features as the Pacifica, including standout hybrid technology and three rows:

Acura MDX Hybrid

Like the Chrysler, Acura’s MDX Hybrid seats 7, and both have some solid tech that make driving so enjoyable. By that I mean that both have the game-changing Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) and sweet rear entertainment systems with top-notch surround sound speakers.

The Acura doesn’t stand up to the Pacifica in a slew of other areas, though. Mostly, it’s less cost effective than the Chrysler, and it has a lower miles-per-gallon rating (27 on the highway compared with the Pacifica’s 84). Chrysler’s minivan can drive on battery power alone for about 33 miles — not so for the MDX, which needs its traditional gas engine to get going. It also only runs on premium gas which will definitely add up at the pump.

The Pacifica is roomier. It has more headroom, hip room and legroom, plus its cargo space is bigger than the MDX.

The Acura is very pretty, and I love that it’s a hybrid, but at $47,000, the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a more affordable choice. The Acura MDX Hybrid runs about $52,100.

Lexus RXL Hybrid

Ah, the Lexus. It’s a thing of beauty, and it has a lot of similar features as the Pacifica, but it falls short in some areas. It gets about 28 mpg on the highway, and its estimated driving range is 516 miles, whereas the Pacifica gets 566 miles on a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery. Those few extra miles might not make a huge difference, but they’re worth noting. The RXL seats one less than the Pacifica, has a panoramic view monitor that gives a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on around you and has the Lexus Enform App Suite, which is sort of like Apple CarPlay. It has a slightly larger touchscreen — 12.3-inch compared to the Chrysler’s 10.1 inch — but that isn’t too noticeable. As for cargo space, with both rows of rear seats down, it has 58.5 cu ft. of room, whereas the Pacifica has a hefty 172.8 cu ft. So if you want more space with your minivan, the RXL Hybrid might not be the best fit.

The Lexus RXL Hybrid retails for about $50,065.

Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid

Spacious and comfortable, the XC90 also seats 7, has a large cargo area and has all of the techy bells and whistles as the Pacifica (if you fork over extra for a variety of packages), including a rear park-assist camera, Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving mode, a high-performance audio system (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity) and 4-zoned climate control. Perhaps it’s biggest draw is purely cosmetic, with stunning exterior styling and all of the stuff that makes a luxury SUV so darned luxurious (pretty seats and clean interior lines). It shares the same engines as the XC90 T6, but with the addition of a pair of electric motors and a battery. It can’t go as long on a single charge as the Pacifca, nor does it charge as fast. The Pacifca takes about 2 hours to fully charge with a 240-volt charger, whereas the XC90 takes 3 hours. Still, it’s a thing of beauty and a more statement hybrid than the sturdy, staid Pacifica. The Volvo runs about $67,995.

So if you’re determined to get a hybrid with three rows, you have several very different paths to explore. Find a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid for sale

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