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Area 51 Is Protected by Ford Raptors

Picture from this YouTube video documenting an encounter with Area 51 security.

The other day I fell into a internet rabbit hole looking into the super-secretive military base known as Area 51, which is located in the middle of Nevada. I didn’t find any pictures of aliens or secret anything, but I did notice something pretty cool. If you get too close to the base’s borders, you’ll likely notice men wearing camouflage sitting in plain white Ford Raptors watching your every move. If you pass over the line, they’ll speed over to you and detain you until the county sheriff shows up.

In the past, these "Cammo Dudes" (as they’re known by people who follow Area 51 as a hobby) drove Jeep Cherokees and standard 4-wheel-drive Ford F-150s and Chevy Silverados. But around 2011, people started reporting that the "Cammo Dudes" were making the switch to Raptors. That’s a really quick adoption, considering that the truck came out the previous year.

When you think about it, it makes complete sense that the base security would use the Raptor in this capacity. The land around Area 51 is basically a flat, desert scrubland, with occasional rocks and little bushes, and there are a lot of dirt roads within the base’s perimeter. The Raptor was basically designed to drive quickly over that sort of terrain, and the sort of work that top-secret base security entails practically requires you to do so — and sometimes, it requires that you do so with some serious speed.

Interestingly, unlike that sailor Doug saw the other day, these men aren’t government employees, but rather work for a private security firm. Also, unlike the Chevy Silverado he saw, these trucks look very close to stock — they don’t look official or out of the norm at all, with no decals or markings. Some even have standard Nevada front license plates. They obviously don’t want to be noticed, even if they tend to stand out against the desert pretty well. The picture above comes from this interesting YouTube video, which shows these Cammo Dudes approaching a man recording near the Area 51 border. A Carfax check of the license plate number reveals that the truck is registered in Mercury, Nevada, which is a "closed town" — one that’s open only to government employees who work at the Nevada Test Site, which encompasses Area 51.

In the end, I’m just happy that these Raptors are being used the way they were supposed to on a daily basis. This role is what Raptor heaven probably looks like. Find a Ford F-150 for sale

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