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Aston Martin Is Now Building a Submarine

Aston Martin has always been the car brand of James Bond. Even when Bond was off driving Jaguars, Lotuses or BMWs, if you ask anyone what car he drives they’ll say “Aston Martin.” In fact, their bespoke division is even called “Q by Aston Martin,” a not-so-subtle reference to the famous spy’s outfitter. Now, though, someone over at Aston must think they’re actually Q from the movie — because they’re developing a submarine.

Yes, Aston Martin has a submarine. That you can buy in your local dealership.

The whole venture is a partnership with Triton Submarines called Project Neptune. Apparently, the concept has moved past the design phase and they’re working on the first production model. It’s expected to be revealed later this year, and Aston is already taking orders through Aston dealerships, like you would any other special-edition Aston. You can literally drive up to your town’s dealership, walk inside, and tell the closest sales representative that you’d like to buy the submarine. I’m sure the process is a bit more involved after that, as the slots are very limited — but still, you can order a submarine from a car dealership.

This submarine isn’t a little dinky thing that’s best suited for a calm lake or shallow Bahamian lagoon. Project Neptune is able to dive to a depth of 500 meters, or 1,650 feet. That’s very deep, especially considering the operational depth of the US Navy’s Los Angeles Class attack submarine is only somewhere between 650 and 950 feet, with an estimated absolute maximum of 1,475 feet. Yes, Aston is now selling something that can out-dive the bread and butter of the US Navy’s submarine operations.

Of course, it won’t be able to keep up with an attack submarine, as the maximum speed will be around 5 knots — but it will take you and two passengers to the depths in great comfort. Aston says they’ve designed the interior to be installed through the roof pressure hatch and assembled inside, but there’s still leather seats and carbon fiber trim with customizable options as you would expect from Aston Martin.

All in all, it sounds like a perfect way to commute to your secret underwater evil lair.

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