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Autotrader Find: 1987 Toyota Supra With 26,000 Miles

If you’re looking for a really nice Toyota Supra, you probably know that fourth-generation models are pretty much gone. They’re far too expensive for most people to buy, especially if they’re in nice, well-preserved condition. But the third-generation Supra is still highly affordable.

That’s proved by this third-generation Supra, which is a 1987 model in pristine condition. It isn’t the most desirable one — it’s an automatic, and it isn’t turbocharged — but it’s still a brilliantly preserved car with just 26,000 miles. Amazingly, it’s listed for just $15,499, which is probably a quarter of what it would cost if it were a fourth-generation model.

Finished in black with a beige interior, this Supra is in gorgeous shape, and the ad includes several photos that show a well-kept exterior and interior. The ad also has a few photos showing an original car phone, which was likely a highly desirable feature back in the day. This car has a targa top, and the beige interior looks like it hasn’t been used much.

If you’re interested, this Supra is offered by a private seller in Florida. While I’m not sure whether the values of third-generation Supra models will ever come up, this one certainly seems like a bargain if you just want a really nice Supra and you’re crowded out from the fourth-generation models. Find a Toyota Supra for sale

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  1. Always liked this gen of Supra and that would be a really nice weekend cruiser.  As Ryan stated below, it’s the PERFECT Radwood vehicle.

  2. This car was my poster-car (in white). May have to start shopping. Is it a frequent Radwood car? Seems like it’d be a great one for that circuit.

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