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Autotrader Find: 1988 Ford Tempo AWD With 17,900 Miles

Although you might not realize it, Ford once made an all-wheel-drive Tempo. Well, actually, that might be getting ahead of myself: Ford once made a car called the Tempo, which was a smaller car intended to fit below the Taurus in Ford’s lineup. AWD was tremendously rare on smaller cars, but Ford offered it — and this rare Tempo has it.

Indeed, AWD was quite rare, even on the Tempo: Ford only offered it in 1986 and 1987 on the first-generation Tempo, and then in 1988 and 1989 on the second-generation model, which this is. But rarer than the drivetrain is undoubtedly the condition this car is in: It’s traveled just 18,000 miles from new, and it’s absolutely unbelievably nice — surely the nicest Tempo still around.

I say that because, well, nobody ever thought to preserve the Ford Tempo, as it was just a compact car nobody really cared about — and it wasn’t especially well built, so most didn’t fare well over the long term. This Tempo, however, has held up — largely because it was never used.

Indeed, this is a relic of 1980s Ford, and it can be your relic of 1980s Ford. It’s offered by Victor Motors of Colorado in Longmont, north of Denver, which seems like the right place for an AWD Ford Tempo, and it’s listed for just $6,999, which strikes me as a bargain for such a well-preserved car. Ford should buy it and put it in a museum — assuming they care to remember this vehicle at all. Find a Ford Tempo for sale

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  1. My dad had a first gen, first year Tempo as a company car and it was the first car we ever had that had an airbag.  That thing was killer in the snow and had a lot of torque (and the accompanying torque steer) for what the car was.  A true “meh” vehicle that was actually better than we remember, much like the GM X-bodies like the Cavalier and Grand Am.

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