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Autotrader Find: 1989 Chevy G30 Ambulance

If you’re interested in a very, very unique vehicle, this is certainly that. It’s a 1989 Chevrolet G30 van, and it’s an ambulance. Yes: this is a 30-year-old ambulance, and it’s in surprisingly nice shape. And now it can be yours.

Here’s a general overview. This is a full-size 1989 Chevy van with a "popped top," which allows for additional headroom for rear occupants — and, specifically, for medics trying to work on a patient as the ambulance heads to the hospital. This van has most of its ambulance markings removed, but a few are left on — as are its emergency lights.

This ambulance has traveled around 99,000 miles from new, and yes — the rear area is completely open, and effectively a blank slate for anyone interested in turning this ambulance into a camper or some sort of mobile home. Surprisingly, that’s a common use for old ambulances, and this one has more charm than many.

According to the Carfax report, this van has spent its entire life in Montana — first in Billings, then in the town of Grass Range, and it likely served as an ambulance in both places. It could also make a good movie ambulance, as there aren’t many 1980s ambulance survivors left over quite like this one.

If you’re interested, this ambulance is offered by Missoula Car and Truck in Missoula, Montana, for just $5,995 — not a bad price for something so unique and special.

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