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Autotrader Find: 1989 Ford Thunderbird SC With 15,000 Miles

Although the Ford Thunderbird was a beautiful, highly desirable car when it came out in the 1950s, later models — starting in the 1970s — weren’t quite as sought-after, as they became large and ungainly. The 10 generation Thunderbird came out for the 1989 model year and tried to revive some of the magic the car had lost over the year — specifically, with the model you see here.

This is a 1989 Thunderbird SC, which was Ford’s shortening of "Super Coupe" — though it could also be considered a shortening of "supercharged," since this Thunderbird was, indeed, supercharged. Back in 1989, base-level Thunderbird models used a paltry 140-horsepower V6, but the SC brought things to a new level with 210 horses thanks to its supercharger. That doesn’t seem like much today, but it was a big deal in the late 1980s — and even better, the Thunderbird SC had a 5-speed manual that served as the base-level transmission alongside an optional 4-speed automatic.

This particular 1989 Thunderbird SC has it all: the supercharged engine, the manual transmission and incredible condition, as it’s traveled just under 15,000 miles over the last 30 years since it was first sold new. It’s finished in black with a gray interior, and it’s offered by Fred Beans Cadillac GMC in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, and it truly looks spotless. The Carfax report shows that it was sold in June 1989 in Illinois, and likely stayed with the first owner until at least 2014.

If you’re looking for a fantastic example of the 1989-1997 Thunderbird, it’s hard to imagine a nicer one than this — and it’s currently listed for $13,999.

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