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Autotrader Find: 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8 Sedan

If you’re looking for the ultimate 2000s midsize sedan, this may just be it: a Volkswagen Passat with an 8-cylinder engine. Yes, this was a factory option from Volkswagen: you could get your Passat with a 4-cylinder, a V6 or … a W8. Yes, eight cylinders arranged in a "W" format, which is just bizarre.

It was bizarre back then, too, and Volkswagen didn’t sell very many of them, which is why there are practically no Passat W8 models for sale on Autotrader. There are three, in fact, and this is the nicest. Volkswagen also made the Passat W8 in station wagon guise, and they even offered a manual transmission, but there are no examples of either currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

The Passat W8 was quite an interesting vehicle, as it had 270 horsepower — a huge figure for a midsize sedan at the time — and, of course, it was a midsize sedan with eight cylinders. These were only sold from 2002 to 2004, and you’re unlikely to ever encounter one on the street.

If you’re interested in a Passat W8, this one is offered by Jim’s Cars in Missoula, Montana, where it’s listed with 139,000 miles for $4,995. It’s a bargain, it’s fantastic and it’s probably a complete headache to keep it going. Find a Volkswagen Passat for sale

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