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Autotrader Find: 2006 Hummer H2 Duramax Diesel Conversion

If you’ve followed along with the Hummer H2 through its history — first, a car admired by celebrities and athletes, then, a car hated by most everyone — you’re probably well aware that one major issue people have with the H2 is that it’s not dramatically more capable or more unique than a Chevrolet Tahoe or a GMC Yukon.

One of the complaints people have about the H2 is its powertrain: it was only offered with a gas V8, and acceleration was abysmal, given the huge size of the thing. Indeed, the H2 never carried on the H1’s tradition of offering a diesel engine — but this particular example changes that. This is a 2006 Hummer H2, and it’s been engine-swapped to offer GM’s trusty Duramax diesel engine — the same powertrain that made its way into the Hummer H1 for its final model year of 2006.

According to the ad, this H2 has also seen other major changes, including an updated gauge cluster to accommodate manual shifting, a night vision camera, bio-fuel capabilities, an upgraded audio system and more. Essentially, it seems like an H2 that’s been modernized and updated in some important ways — and it gives a lot more credibility to the H2 as a result.

This particular H2 is offered by Car Connection in Tucker, Georgia, near Atlanta, and it’s listed for just under $59,000 with 137,000 miles. Obviously, that’s big money for an H2 — but you won’t find many like this.

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  1. The H2 was definitely under-powered (however so was the H1/M998), but the sentiment, “it’s not dramatically more capable or more unique than a Chevrolet TahoeOpens in New Window or a GMC YukonOpens in New Window“, is in-factual.
    At least, in my opinion. 

    If you consider it’s on-road, family hauling, and towing capabilities, you are correct. 

    However, if you take it’s off-road capabilities into account, it’s incorrect.

    It has:
    – Incredible stock ground clearance
    – One of the best approach/break-over/departure angles of any production vehicle
    – 35″ BFG K0 tires
    – Locking rear differential

    – Low range gear box
    – Rear air suspension for temporary 5″ lift (option)
  2. Considering just the diesel crate motor and transmission would cost $15k-ish that’s not horrible…still a tad high-priced

  3. When I drove the HMMWV in the military I always thought it was a charming vehicle, The up-armored versions were turbocharged IIRC.
    We pushed them to the limit in the training area going speeds we weren’t supposed to on the back roads but it was a blast.
    One of those days I’ll have to pick up a MILSURP one and look into modding it for more power.
    I think a supercharger would be a proper fit! Maybe a twincharged setup, Both turbo whistle and supercharger whine with diesel torque? That would be pretty insane especially with the soft skin versions!

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