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Autotrader Find: 2006 Mazda5 Mobile Tattoo Parlor

If you’ve ever wanted to start a business nobody else has thought of, here’s an idea: Give tattoos in the back of a Mazda5. You have everything you need to start your business right here, as this 2006 Mazda5 for sale on Autotrader is also a mobile tattoo parlor.

I am not kidding. This Mazda5 is offered for sale by Galpin Ford in the Los Angeles area, which is probably the most famous Ford dealership in the country — and, as such, they tend to get some unusual vehicles. This is clearly one of them, as it’s exactly as I’ve described it: a Mazda5 that’s been set up as a tattoo parlor. Here’s the best part: It’s a stick shift.

Now, I don’t really know what a tattoo parlor looks like, so I can’t exactly say whether or not this Mazda5 has all the trimmings of one, but the ad describes it this way: "TATTOO" (maybe that’s the name of this Mazda5) "is a full service tattoo parlor and piercing studio." It also notes that this Mazda5 has "over 150 piercings" in the seats and headliner. There are also three flat-screen TVs and a "buffalo suede" interior.

The photographs seem to corroborate all these interesting claims. The two rear rows of seats have been removed, and in their place is some equipment (apparently, the tattoo parlor) and a lot of extra room, presumably for the person being tattooed. And, yes, the seats have piercings, though they stick to the edges rather than the middle.

And yet, despite all that, this is still a stick-shift Mazda5, meaning it’s fun to drive and it gets decent gas mileage — somewhere in the mid-20s, according to the government. Not a bad way to drive around town, if you’re in the mobile tattoo business. Find a 2006 Mazda5 for sale

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  1. ….If you ever needed to define the phrase “what the….” in one ad or less, it’s pretty safe to say you could just show them this.

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