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Autotrader Find: 2009 Ford Expedition With 581,000 Miles

If you’re looking for an ultra-cheap Ford Expedition, this particular one is a bargain. It’s a 2009 Expedition EL Limited, so it’s the extended-wheelbase model and the top-of-the-line trim. It’s black with a black leather interior and has lots of great options, and it’s offered for just $6,971. The catch? It has 581,000 miles.

Yes, that’s right: This Expedition has practically traveled the distance to the sun and back in just under a decade. It was sold new in June 2009 and started off life normally, with the first owner adding 22,000 miles in about 18 months. The second owner brought that up to 68,000 miles in the next three years — a high, but not excessive, amount. Then the third owner stepped in, and the miles started piling on.

Specifically, the third owner bought the Expedition in April 2013 with 68,000 miles and then reached 98,000 by September. Then they reached 198,000 miles by July 2014, and 298,000 by August 2015. The Expedition crossed the 400,000-mile mark in November 2016 and managed 500,000 miles the following November. It was doing about 100,000 miles a year, routinely, every year since 2013.

I suspect this vehicle was an Uber or some other type of vehicle for hire, especially given the fact that it’s a black Expedition — a common car for Uber and other similar companies. The owner who added the most miles registered it in the Milwaukee suburbs, suggesting to me maybe a lot of round trips to Chicago or Madison, perhaps.

Regardless of how the miles went on this Expedition, they’re certainly there — all 581,000 of ’em. If you’re interested, this Expedition is listed for sale at Ewald’s Venus Ford in the Milwaukee area — the dealer that performed all the servicing on the SUV, according to the Carfax report.

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  1. I figured with that mileage and price it’d be a diesel… Honestly that seems ridiculously expensive for a gas model with that mileage. 

    • There aren’t any factory diesel Expeditions. If it were an Excursion, it could be diesel, but they stopped being made in 05. 

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