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Autotrader Find: 2012 Range Rover Limousine

As you might expect, there are many 2012 Range Rover models listed on Autotrader — but none are quite like this. Here’s a 2012 Range Rover, finished in black with a black interior, that’s been transformed into a limousine. It doesn’t have a massive stretch, but rather a nice, short, reasonable stretch; enough so you can enjoy it with a few friends as you’re whisked around by a chauffeur.

Here are the details on this Range Rover. Sold new by Land Rover Las Vegas, the Range Rover was stretched sometime after that and operated in South Carolina. It looks like it was serviced with impressive regularity by the first owner, who only recently sold it. It then went to auction, and it’s now offered by Lucky Motors in the Chicago suburbs with 49,000 miles for just under $49,000.

That’s big money for a 2012 Range Rover, of course — but then, this is a rather special example. The exterior hasn’t been aggressively modified to draw attention, like some limousines; instead, it’s surprisingly subtle. Likewise, the stretch in the middle isn’t so absurd that this SUV can’t go around turns; rather, it looks like the kind of thing you might see in New York City, waiting with a chauffeur for its billionaire owner to return.

Inside, however, it does have some of the typical limo treatments — like the area in between the seats to store wine glasses or champagne flutes, the enhanced stereo system and the big sunroof. Also included is a partition, so the driver doesn’t have to hear your conversation. Maybe most interestingly, there are only four seats: This isn’t a limo you use for a big party, but rather for a night out with a few friends. And you must admit, it’d be a nice way to spend that night out. Find a 2012 Range Rover for sale

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  1. Frankly with a more muted and tasteful interior, I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that Land Rover offered it straight from them.

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