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Autotrader Find: Gorgeous 1995 Toyota Previa AWD Supercharged

If you’re looking for an iconic 1990s vehicle, look no further. What you have here is a 1995 Toyota Previa, touting the best possible drivetrain: it’s an all-wheel drive (AWD) model with a supercharged engine, making it a bit more unusual, and more desirable, than a typical modern minivan.

The Previa was sold throughout the 1990s as the predecessor to the Toyota Sienna, which is a fairly traditional minivan by minivan standards. The Previa, on the other hand, was anything but traditional. Not only was the engine moved away from under the hood — the bulk of it was under the front seats — but it offered a supercharger and AWD.

The result was, effectively, a mid-engine, supercharged, AWD minivan — which, of course, makes the Previa a bit of a notable vehicle now, as those are usually the characteristics of a high-performance sports car. But instead, in this case, they’re on a minivan — and this particular minivan also touts an egg shape and available swiveling rear seats, though this Previa doesn’t have them.

What this Previa does have, however, is an excellent look: It’s in very nice condition, clean inside and out, with surprisingly little wear considering its likely life as a family van. This Previa has traveled 183,000 miles, but the listing gives some explanation for why it’s so nice: The seller says “I have been buying, restoring, and selling Previas only for over 12 years.” This is a Previa restoration expert! Who even knew there was such a thing?

Clearly, if you want a Previa, this is precisely the type of person you want to buy from — and this Previa is offered in Boulder, Colorado, for $5,475. I’m not sure if these things have the usual 1990s Toyota reliability — but, if so, it probably has a lot of life remaining. Find a Toyota Previa for sale

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  1. Come on. You’re bud Tyler already did the whole ‘look how crazy cool the old previews  are’ thing months ago. 

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