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Autotrader Find: Lifted Ford Econoline With Six Wheels

In the world of giant vans — a world that car enthusiasts don’t often stick their noses in — there are two types of vans you can buy: normal vans, like the ones you see bringing a group of 14-year-olds on an outdoor retreat to look at moss, and serious vans. This Autotrader Find is a serious van. See the 1997 Ford Econoline 350 models for sale near you

Specifically, it’s a 1997 Ford Econoline 350 on sale for $23,950 at Premium and Exotic Wholesale in Bloomington, Indiana — and it’s just about the coolest 1997 Ford Econoline you could possibly imagine. That much becomes clear the second you take your first glance at it, because you quickly notice something: The van’s body isn’t where it should be. It’s… higher than normal. Then you notice something else: The rear wheels aren’t where they should be, either. They’re… wider than normal. Then it becomes clear: This is no standard Econoline.

And indeed it isn’t. Not only is this Econoline lifted off the ground, it also includes a 4-wheel-drive conversion, courtesy of Quigley — masters at the unusual art of turning workaday 15-passenger vans into off-roaders. Also unique is the fact that this van has two rear wheels on either side, giving it even more capabilities and making it a serious tow vehicle. And then there’s the van’s other towing trump card: It has a 7.3-liter turbodiesel V8.

In other words, this van lets you tow whatever you want, carry whoever you want and go wherever you want. Perhaps its only real drawback is the interior, which is inexplicably covered in purple fabric on just about every surface. Not that anyone would ever make fun of you if you were to buy this van. They’d be too busy begging for a ride. Find a 1997 Ford Econoline 350 for sale

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  1. Man you gotta like purple to buy this.

    I wonder what it would cost to redo that interior tastefully, with some leather thrones and not purple carpeting.

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