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Autotrader Find: Lifted, Modified 2017 Cadillac Escalade

Typically, when SUVs or trucks are lifted for off-roading (or just showing off), the vehicle of choice is a pickup — a Chevrolet, maybe a Ford. When truck lifters choose an SUV, it’s often a Jeep, or maybe another "mainstream" model like a Chevy Tahoe. It’s almost never a Cadillac Escalade — but this 2017 Escalade is indeed lifted, and pretty substantially.

Offered for sale in Texas, of course, this Escalade is finished in white, and it touts an 8-in lift — pretty substantial, as lifts go. This offers better ground clearance for off-roading, but it also gives this Escalade a distinctive look that few other trucks or SUVs have. After all, if you’re driving around in a lifted Escalade, you probably won’t encounter too many others on the road.

This Escalade also touts other modifications, including a louder exhaust, a built-in radar detector, lighted door handles, a custom sound system, a train horn, rear TVs and custom 24-in wheels that match the exterior. Indeed, as Escalade models go, this one has gone all out.

If you’re interested in a modded Escalade, now’s your chance to buy this one without having to build it yourself. It’s offered by Empire Exotic Motors in the Dallas area, and it’s listed for $119,777 — big money for a 2017 Escalade, especially considering the 26,000 miles it’s done, but not bad when you consider how much it would likely cost you to replicate this SUV if you wanted to build it yourself.

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