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Autotrader Find: One-Owner Subaru Baja Turbo With 61,000 Miles

Good people of Oversteer, I must now turn your attention to one of the strangest Subaru models in recent memory. It’s the Subaru Baja, and, in fact, it’s the high-performance Baja Turbo — and, better yet, it’s the nicest one currently listed for sale on Autotrader: a one-owner example with just 61,000 original miles.

Before I dive into this particular Baja, let’s discuss the Baja in general. It was an all-wheel-drive Subaru pickup truck that was built during the 4-door pickup truck craze of the early 2000s (mentioned in the previous Oversteer post). The Baja was sold from 2003 to 2006, and nobody really bought them, so Subaru canceled it. But the Baja has developed a cult following for its combination of the unusual: the much-loved Subaru brand name, all-wheel drive, a practical pickup bed and four real doors.

That cult following especially applies to the Baja Turbo, which was a regular Subaru Baja with a high-performance turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that made an inexplicable 230 horsepower — good enough to send the relatively lightweight wagony-pickupy-thing from zero to 60 in around 7 seconds. And the cult following really applies to the Baja Turbo models sold with a stick shift. Unfortunately, this example isn’t that — but it’s pretty cool anyway.

I say that because this particular Baja Turbo is the lowest-mileage example on Autotrader, having covered just over 60,000 miles since it was sold new in 2005. It’s also a one-owner "truck," though it appears to have had early use as a Subaru manufacturer-owned vehicle — though it wasn’t titled by Subaru, which preserves its one-owner status. It’s offered by Anchor Auto Group in Rhode Island for $19,991, which may seem like a lot for a 12-year-old Subaru … until you check Autotrader to see what other Baja models are selling forFind a Subaru Baja for sale

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  1. Our ’04 Forester XT needed a new head at about 110,000 miles, and according to both the dealership and a 3rd party mechanic, it’s fairly common with this generation of the Turbo’d motors. $6,000 through Subaru, $2500 through a third party with re-manufactured heads. It’s a hell of a fun motor, but non-turbo would make a better high-mileage beater, like this Baja. 

  2. It’s a shame they never offered a 2-door version w/ a larger bed a la the original BRAT… that would have been more interesting for anyone seeking useable utility.

  3. Very fitting to post this on the same day as an article about the Pontiac Aztek and unnecessary plastic cladding. The Baja is even uglier than the Aztek and must have the most cladding per square foot of any vehicle of the last 20 years.

  4. Doug, I spotted this last week. If it were a 5-speed, I’d have likely gone to see what they’d offer me for my ’13 328i in trade. The Turbos are just so cool, and this one even has the optional light bar!

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