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Autotrader Find: Perfectly Pristine 1991 Acura Legend Sedan

You’re looking at the nicest Acura Legend left on the road. This is a 1991 model, from this Legend generation’s first model year, in perfectly preserved condition with just 38,500 original miles. It’s offered for $9,000 from Victory Auto Express in Wickliffe, Ohio, just outside Cleveland. See the 1991 Acura Legend models for sale near you

A little Legend history for you. The Legend first came out in the 1980s as Honda’s answer to impending luxury vehicles from Lexus and Infiniti. But while those brands made BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals with V8 powertrains and rear-wheel drive, ever-conservative Honda dialed it back and rolled out its flagship legend with front-wheel drive and a V6. The second-generation model debuted in 1991, and it was always considered the Legend to have: nicer looking than its predecessor, larger and quieter. Plus, there was a coupe version with a 6-speed manual transmission.

This particular Legend is interesting because it’s the "L" model, which was the base-spec Legend; it’s been perfectly preserved over 25 years, even though the original owner decided to forego leather upholstery and upgraded wheels. Like most Legend sedan models from this era, it uses a 4-speed automatic transmission, and Carfax records show it was registered to only one owner in Hamburg, New York — just outside Buffalo — for its entire life, just up until Victory Auto Express got it in October.

This surprised me, as Buffalo is famously hard on cars, being a notoriously snowy climate where road salt is liberally distributed. This Legend must’ve been put away for the winter and only driven on sunny, warm, perfect days — and even then, just over 1,000 miles a year. It shows. Find a 1991 Acura Legend for sale

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Doug Demuro
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  1. My brother’s first car was a black 95 Legend bought in 2004. He traded it in for a 2004 RL in about 2007-8 when the engine block cracked on the Legend.

  2. I sold these cars from ’88 to ’91.  The cloth was a very heavy velour, and helped the car to ride quieter than with the leather.  As such it was more luxurious with cloth.  

  3. Acura canned the name because it was too popular. Nobody talked about their Acura, they talked about their LEGEND. Great name, but it overshadowed the brand they were trying to establish. 

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