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Autotrader Find: Porsche 911R With Just 43 Miles — For $510,000

Dearest Oversteerists, behold: here’s your chance to own a brand-new Porsche 911R. Yes, that’s right, the 911R, hailed as the purest "Porsche" Porsche in years, maybe decades. The ultra-limited production model, long sold out, with just 991 examples delivered across the globe; now it can be yours. Of course, there’s a catch … it’s $510,000.

Yes, that’s right: You’re looking at one of the single most expensive Porsche models currently listed for sale. Porsche made just 991 units of the 911R for the whole world, and this is one of them, boasting just about everything you’d ever dream about in your 911: The classic, uninterrupted lines of a standard 911, combined with the engine from the 911 GT3RS, combined with a slick three-pedal true manual transmission. This is, in a word, "it."

And you have to admit, it’s pretty cool. This one is even cooler than most other 911Rs, because it’s only covered delivery miles, plus a few: It has just 43 miles on the odometer, doubtlessly a huge factor in its massive asking price. It’s currently listed for sale at Porsche of Southampton, in New York, where one wonders if it ever left the dealership.

So why, you might be wondering, do I keep calling the asking price "massive" — especially if it really is one of the best modern Porsches around? Here’s why: Because just a year ago, when this car was new, Porsche’s retail sticker price for the 911R was just $185,000 before options. But the market demanded more 911Rs than Porsche made, causing the huge run-up in prices. Some have reportedly changed hands for figures approaching $600,000 — and maybe more. This particular example is one of the best around, and it’ll likely reach somewhere near its asking price.

Also, for those of us minutiae-focused car geeks out there: you’ll note that this 911R is listed on Autotrader as a GT3RS. Interestingly, it’s the same story with the Carfax report: Carfax says this is a GT3RS, not an R. My guess: The car shares so many components with the RS that, for whatever reason, Porsche didn’t bother changing the official description attached to the VIN for the 911R. Minutiae, indeed. Find a Porsche 911 for sale

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  1. Note, this car already had one owner.  I really hope this Porsche dealer paid that owner $400k (+) for this car only to take bath on it given that the $150k 991.2 GT3 (manual transmission) makes the 911 R look like a sub-$200k car again.      

  2. Porsche is not a stupid car company, they noticed the demand for an ultra high performance 911 with a manual transmission when the 911 R sold out quickly.  And not being stupid they are going to fill the niche with new cars rather than letting someone else make a couple hundred thousand bucks reselling a used one for way more than they bought it for new.  So if you are holding onto a 911 R looking to make some cash off it sell it now.  There are a limited number of R’s but when you can get something comparable new for 1/3 of the cash it will be a tough sell.

  3. A 4 liter V-6 engine pairs with a sophisticated 7 speed automatic transmission” sometimes I can’t even.  It’s acceptable when they’re selling a 2001 325i for $2,000.  Not when you’re trying to get $300,000 in markup on a collector car.

    We have a skilled and knowledgeable sales staff.”  Of course they do.
  4. There were a few with a million + asking price a few months ago.  I don’t know if they were actually selling for that or if this is a more realistic price.  Or maybe the GT3 getting its clutch back had something to do with it.

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