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Autotrader Find: Pristine 1989 GMC Suburban Owned by Samuel Adams Founder

If you’re looking for a perfect 1980s Chevrolet or GMC Suburban, you know precisely how hard they are to find — but this particular one is especially impressive. That’s because it’s not just pristine, but it was also reportedly owned by Jim Koch, the founder of Samuel Adams beer.

From the photos, this Suburban is certainly excellent: it’s a 1989 model finished in silver with a black stripe down the side, but one of the most impressive parts is the mileage. This Suburban has traveled just 32,000 miles from new, and the low mileage figure clearly shows, as there’s virtually no wear on the interior or exterior.

In addition to being pristine, however, this Suburban also has a surprise up its sleeve: it has a bright blue interior. That means blue seats, blue carpeting, a blue cargo area and a blue dashboard, all of which certainly confirms this vehicle’s status as a 1980s General Motors product, as this color scheme — bizarre by modern standards — was quite the norm back then.

One especially impressive trait of this Suburban is that it’s a heavy-duty model, and it’s fitted with a 454-cu in. V8, which is an absolutely amazing 7.4-liter powerplant that’s really up for basically any task. Virtually everyone who ordered this engine used it for towing and hauling, but this Suburban remains in excellent shape and ready for its next owner. It’s listed by a private seller in Anderson, South Carolina, and it’s available for $23,900. Find a GMC Suburban for sale

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