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Autotrader Find: Pristine 2002 BMW M Coupe With 17,500 Miles

The Z3-era BMW M Coupe has been shooting up in value lately and this particular example is both really, really nice and really, really valuable. It’s a 2002 model, meaning it has the more powerful S54 engine, and it’s covered just 17,500 miles from new.

Offered by Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati, this M Coupe is basically perfect, like essentially everything Enthusiast Auto Group offers. Finished in BMW‘s famed Estoril Blue, it’s traveled just 17,500 miles from new and it completely shows, with a fantastic, well-kept interior and a perfect exterior.

The perfection is no surprise when you look at this M Coupe’s history. It was kept by just two owners, one in New York who had it for three years and one in Delaware who had it the last 14 years, driving it only around 1,000 miles in that time. Since then, the car’s value has gone up dramatically, so the Delaware owner did a smart thing by keeping the mileage low.

Not that you have to. This M Coupe is offered for $74,990, which is very much in line with recent market trends for this vehicle, and it’s one of the nicest examples available on Autotrader. You could preserve it and likely make money as values continue to go up or you could drive it and enjoy one of the more desirable, exciting modern BMW models. Find a BMW M Coupe for sale


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  1. This is only worth buying for collectors… if you want an S54 M-Coupe that you can drive a lot, there are plenty of driver-quality examples with more miles that cost about half as much. The S54 is a pretty stout engine so there’s not a huge risk to buying one with some miles as long as it’s been serviced.

  2. Probably a great investment but you can’t drive it much if you buy it. You can buy daily drivers for less than 1/2 that price.

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