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Autotrader Find: Targa-Topped 2006 Ford GT

If you ever get the chance to drive a Ford GT, I suspect you’ll agree with me that basically the only thing missing from the entire driving experience is the fact that you can’t remove the roof. The car drives amazingly well, it’s fun, it’s smooth, it’s tremendously well-engineered and yet … it would be nice to drop the top and enjoy all of that with some extra wind and sun.

Unfortunately, Ford never built a convertible GT to allow that to happen. But this one exists anyway.

It’s called the Ford GTX1, and it was a Ford GT that was customized with a removable roof panel. This wasn’t some backyard hack job — these cars were converted into drop-top form by a company in Wisconsin called Genaddi Design Group, and they look quite professional. Genaddi’s original plan was to make hundreds of them — but the actual number, I suspect, was far fewer. Nonetheless, they certainly got a few out before shutting down production in 2008.

This particular GTX1 is offered by the New Auto Toy Store in Fort Lauderdale, and it’s listed for $449,950 — big money, but not unreasonable considering what the Ford GT has been selling for over the last few years. It’s covered 14,969 miles, and it’s finished in the GT’s gorgeous dark blue exterior color with white stripes. According to Carfax, it was sold new in California before moving to Texas several years later — where it’s spent the last five years of its life.

It’ll be interesting to see how history treats the GTX1 — if someday they’ll be considered more valuable than a standard GT, or less. All I know is, the removable roof completes the Ford GT driving experience. Find a 2006 Ford GT for sale

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  1. I have two GTX1 concept Hot Wheels and they are full convertibles with speedster humps.  So apparently they had to dial back for production.  

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