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Can You Get a Child’s Car Seat in a Porsche 911?

It has been about a year since my first post on Oversteer was published back in July 2017. It was an exciting time for the Leedy family, as my wife and I had recently purchased our first Porsche! It was a 1999 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and I wrote about some of the adventures we took with it last year.

It was shortly thereafter that we learned we were about to have another exciting time in our lives! And, sure enough, in March we welcomed our first child into this world. Please allow me to introduce you to Katie Leedy:

Now, we wondered if we would have to get rid of the Porsche. Was it going to be too impractical to own? Would we ever use it anymore? Were we now going to be required to trade our cars in and get matching Chrysler Pacifica minivans? Or maybe a Chrysler for one parent and a Honda Odyssey for the other? But who gets which?!

Well, I spent the spring driving the Porsche back and forth to work, which in itself added a couple thousand miles to it. Unfortunately, we haven’t done a whole lot else, mostly because it’s easier to just pack everything into my wife’s CX-5 and go, but also because we have focused our attention elsewhere, making sure our daughter is well cared for in these early months. Then one day, in a moment of great weakness, my wife left me in charge of Katie, so it was time to find out if the Porsche could handle a baby as well as everything else we’ve thrown at it.

First off, there’s her stuff. If you have kids, this next part will be of no surprise to you. For those who don’t, you won’t believe how much stuff is necessary to haul around. When she was born, she was less than 7 pounds — but, the things needed for daily operations, even for small journeys, would surpass the weight limits of most light aircrafts.

The most obvious is the diaper bag, filled to the brim with everything but the diapers. Then the changing pad, since a baby’s bodily functions very rarely occur at a convenient location. But don’t forget the diapers! Next, food. Bottles and bottles of milk, chilled and waiting. If your baby has not yet been acclimated to cold milk, a portable warmer should be on your packing list, too. Next, if Mommy is coming along, you have to make sure you have room for the pump, in case additional milk extraction is needed. And, because the little one is still an infant, she also needs the stroller, the playpen, toys, blankets and other things she’ll require as she grows up.

The Porsche may not be a big car — but, the whole lot fit neatly and squarely in the trunk. If it’s a long trip, though, I’m not sure our stuff will fit along with it.

Next is the car seat. For a long time after they’re born, children must face backwards in their seat because their necks are not strong enough to endure the forces of a collision, which is more likely to be a frontal impact than rear. For the car seat we must make some adjustments. The front seat has to be powered forward for about an hour or so, and then the seat back needs to be released. Amazingly, from there it just slips in, buckles easily, and then you latch it to the back of the front seat. The downside, however is that you can’t really move the front seat rearward, so the passenger will need to have very small legs.

But, she fit just fine, her stuff fit fine, and even with the top up — though, admittedly with the windows down — I was able to unbuckle and remove the seat without a significant amount of acrobatics.

So we learned that we can keep the Porsche — and, once she can handle having earmuffs and glasses on for protection, we can still take it on adventures! I mean, as long as we don’t need to bring anything for ourselves — and as long as whoever gets stuck in the passenger seat doesn’t mind a slightly compromised seating position.

Also, after a few initial issues, my baby has taken well to car rides — so, I’m excited for my new copilot. Let a whole new round of adventures begin!

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  1. I was considering this but with forward facing seat. And my wife has long legs and the toddler is 90’s percentile for height. So I’ll get something else. Maybe one of those “4-door coupes”.

  2. your wife must be cool. my mom, however, was not that cool. once my older brother was born, it was bye bye to the air cooled 911 for pops. he still mentions the value to her every now and then to rub it in.

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