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The Cheapest Bentley Continental GT on Autotrader Is Under $40,000

You’re looking at the cheapest Bentley Continental GT on all of Autotrader. It’s this 2005 model, offered by a dealership called Carz 4 Toyz in suburban Los Angeles, and it’s available for — I am not kidding here — just $37,829.

To help illustrate why this figure surprises me, let’s discuss the Continental GT. The Continental GT was Bentley’s first car under Volkswagen ownership, and it was intended to bring the Bentley brand to far more owners — and drivers. That’s why they came out with a sleek coupe instead of the usual massive sedans, and that’s why it offered a massive powertrain: a twin-turbocharged W12 with 550 horsepower. This thing just hauls.

And with the new round of Bentley came something else interesting: improved resale values. While Bentley long had the reputation of being a car brand primarily geared towards the first owner — who could customize the vehicle in virtually any manner and then suffer extreme depreciation for doing so — the Continental GT brought the company to a new era of car buyer who wasn’t as obsessed with precise personalization, but rather with performance and excitement. The cars did reasonably well on the used market, which was a first for Bentley — but no surprise given the German engineering and the massive horsepower.

Unfortunately, all cars eventually lose value — and this one is no exception. Twelve years, six owners, and 84,000 miles after this Continental GT came out, it’s now available for under $38,000 — a far cry from its original MSRP, which would’ve been around $161,000 in 2005, plus options. And this car clearly has a lot of options, including an unusual two-tone interior — one that, I must say, looks kind of cool.

This car also boasts a Carfax report showing the progression of that depreciation: The first owner was in New York City, then it moved to the Atlanta suburbs, then Chicago and then out west. According to Carfax, it’s never been involved in an accident.

I’m not sure how pricey this Continental GT would be to own, but it’s surprisingly affordable to buy — and as Bentley keeps releasing newer models, prices will surely be dropping even further. Pretty soon, you’ll probably be able to pick up a Continental GT for the same price as a new CamryFind a 2005 Bentley Continental for sale

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  1. There was a British racing green one listed here in Illinois on back in December. It had 50k miles and was listed for $40,000 at a Toyota dealership.

  2. That hood looks like someone spent all the money replacing the original and then could not afford the respray.

  3. Solution to all of the cost/insurance concerns mentioned in the comments while still enjoying this vehicle:  Park it in the garage, don’t drive it, sit in it, and laugh like an evil movie overlord (“Bwahahahahaha!”).  I think that’s worth $38K to me.

  4. Insurance research puts this as the most expensive car to insure that I could find.  A former colleague of mine owned a new one circa 2007 and paid $12,000/yr for insurance (married guy with good credit and no accident/violations history).  Aftermarket warranties in the UK also list it as the most expensive model to repair/maintain (from memory, about 9,000 pounds a year).

    While I’d love to own this luxo barge, it makes a great case for a used Lexus LS.

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