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The Cheapest Maybach On Autotrader is Now Under $50,000

The cheapest Maybach currently listed for sale on Autotrader is now under $50,000. This 2005 Maybach is offered for sale by East Coast Auto Group in Linden, New Jersey, near New York City, for just $49,860, making it the cheapest Maybach currently on the market — a huge departure from its original asking price of more than $325,000.

This Maybach is a "57" model, which means it’s a "short-wheelbase" version, compared to the longer Maybach 62, which was intended for passengers riding in back. Finished in "Caspian Black" over a "California Beige" leather interior, this Maybach uses a 5.5-liter turbocharged V12 that makes 550 horsepower, making it a serious powerhouse. It also returns abysmal fuel economy, due in part to the engine and in part to its massive curb weight: The EPA rated the Maybach 57 at 12 miles per gallon in the city and 17 mpg on the highway.

This particular Maybach was sold new in 2005 by Mercedes-Benz of White Plains, north of New York City, and the original owner was in New Jersey. The original owner also likely lost a fortune to depreciation, as the first owner had the car for nine years — until 2014. It then found its way to a second owner in Florida and then back to New Jersey, where it’s now listed for sale.

Unfortunately, the same issues that plagued the Maybach when it was new are still issues today: It looks like an S-Class, and it’s a lot more money than an S-Class for such a similar vehicle. But to a lot of people, it’s a very special car — and prices are certainly becoming more affordable.

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  1. I just want somebody to buy it and tell me if it has a weird backstory like Tyler Hoover’s super-luxe sedan that ended up being unfixable & having a rolled-back odometer.

  2. I think it’s possibly not worth it, sure I don’t know “how” luxurious old Maybachs really are but for $49,860 I could definitely buy a new and way more luxurious car, just saying.

    • Well this is more of a limousine intended to let you ride in the lap of luxury while your driver chauffeurs you to the golf course or the office building you own, So it really can’t be compared to a Mercedes S-Class or BMW 5-series, But I fully agree, I’d much rather have an M5 than a car like this. 

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