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Does Anyone Remember the Kia Borrego SUV?

In 2008, Kia released the Borrego, which was a body-on-frame SUV named after a desert in California. It certainly checked all the large SUV boxes, like available V6 and V8 engines, available 4-wheel drive and a 7,500-lb towing capacity. Kia continued to sell the Borrego all the way until 2009, when it was quietly discontinued and quickly forgotten. Due to almost nonexistent sales and only a single year of production, the Borrego is now a very rare car. See the Kia Borrego for sale near you

Why didn’t anyone buy the Borrego? For one, it was an absolute dinosaur when it debuted. By 2008, America had more or less ended its fascination with the large, gas-guzzling, truck-based sport utility vehicle, opting for more fuel efficient and practical crossovers instead. Gas was $4 a gallon in many parts of the country when the Borrego debuted, and the Kia’s 15 mile-per-gallon city rating just didn’t cut it anymore. It didn’t help that America was in the midst of plunging into an economic recession, either.

Furthermore, the Borrego had some flaws. There was, for example, an uncomfortable ride, the dull interior and the exterior aesthetics, which could be classified as plain ugly at worst and forgettable at best.

After the Borrego’s second (and final) model year of 2009, Kia rolled out a larger version of its Sorento in 2011 to take its place. Of course, the Sorento fit much better with the current automotive zeitgeist, as it touted more fuel efficient engines, a modern look and a unibody, front-wheel-drive-based platform that gave drivers a more comfortable, carlike ride.

Somewhat incredibly, even though the Borrego was a sales disaster and only existed for just two model years, there are 109 for sale on Autotrader right now, with an average price of just $10,487, not a bad deal for a truck-based SUV with available V8 power. Better yet, many models have fairly low miles and claims of being one-owner vehicles. And so, despite the Borrego’s failure when it launched, we must say: If you need a reliable boat and stuff hauler, the Borrego could actually fit your bill nicely. Find a Kia Borrego for sale

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  1. I have a Borrego that I bought in May of 2009 with a little over 16,000 miles on it, that the dealer had from a previous owner…& I absolutely love it. At first, I had a little trouble getting used to the adaptive transmission, but once I became the only one to drive it (no husband), everything evened out. It is definitely a workhorse, & has served me well. I’m up to somewhere around 85,000 miles, & it still runs quietly, & I have had no problems with it at all–except a CD getting stuck in the player once, which caused me to stop using it. Also, the passenger side airbag isn’t working, but that doesn’t really bother me, since I seldom have anyone with me. The dealership said that my serial number wasn’t listed on the airbag recall from a couple of years ago, so I never got it fixed. I think it may be time to have the AC checked out, because I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it doesn’t seem to be blowing as cold as it should. 

    I have thought about my next vehicle purchase, which I think will be years from now…from my experience, I think I would like to stick with the KIA brand…but it bothers me that the Telluride is considered a crossover, & not an SUV. A friend has a 2009 KIA; I can’t remember if it is a Sportage or a Sorrento, but it is a little too small to fit my needs. At the time the Borrego was purchased, I also test drove a Sorrento, & found it to be an extremely uncomfortable ride…so I hope that when I get ready to purchase my next vehicle, KIA will offer an SUV with what I consider to be the same quality as a Borrego.
  2. I bought the 2009 Kia Borrego used in 2013. It is now September 2019 with 130,000 miles on it. The only two things I have done to it are:

    1) Buy a new battery
    2) Buy new tires

    The car runs like a champ and still looks great. I keep the rims clean and the car waxed and polished.

    I do wish there were accessories available though like chrome door handles. That would be cool,

  3. Dont know what this so called “critic” is talking about. I just bought a EX, V6 3.8L with over 200k on the odo. Took it with this milage because looked very well taken care of and was very affordable (under 4k)

    Now, after a few days of driving, It’s performance blew my mind. It has it all, looks, very comfortable, CHEAP ON GAS. smooth ride.

    Makes me wonder if he holds a grudge on KIA
  4. Not sure who they interviewed but I absolutely love my Kia Borrego. I must have low expectations for owning a SUV… The engine is super quiet during idle, gas milage was no better than my Honda Odyssey and the 3rd row and trunk space are perfect for something that isn’t a mini van. 

  5. my wife & i just bought the 2009 Borrego, 1 owner with under 67k miles, 01/14/2019. everything works as it should & we got it for the features it has, EX V8 4wd & towing as we plan to move into snowy mountainous area. we really like it & the 3rd row seating.

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