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The Ford Ranger Tremor Was a Gift to Audiophiles Who Also Needed a Truck

The other day, I saw a bright yellow Ford Ranger on the road. At first, I thought it was probably just some ridiculous aftermarket paint job — but as I got closer, I saw a giant decal on the back that said "Tremor." Although my first thought was that "this guy really likes that 1990 Kevin Bacon movie about giant worms," I did some research and discovered it was a rare Tremor edition Ranger. I had never seen one before, but believe me when I tell you that it’s pretty emblematic of the wacky early 2000s truck scene.

While Chevy made their S-10 light pickup more Xtreme by giving it power and putting a cool body kit on it, Ford was busy turning their Ranger into what they described as the truck of choice for true audiophiles. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a light pickup truck buyer, I definitely think of someone who is looking for the Memorex chair guy experience.

Regardless, the Ranger Tremor was a Ranger SuperCab given a 485-watt Pioneer sound system and a 10-inch sub woofer in the rear floor, behind the front bench seat. This was accompanied by a high output alternator and a new head unit that featured an in-dash CD and cassette player, along with an AM/FM radio.

In order to make sure that everyone knows how much of an audiophile you are, the Ranger Tremor featured exterior paint options of Chrome Yellow, black or Sonic Blue, unique 5-spoke aluminum wheels, white-faced gauges on the instrument cluster and the "Tremor" decal on the rear tailgate. That way, all road users will know you enjoy the gift of sound.

To be honest, the audio system is reasonably impressive (especially for the time period), although I really don’t know why Ford would choose the Ranger to be the host vehicle for the package. You’ll never be able to show off the system to realistically more than one other person, and the Ranger isn’t exactly a vehicle that evokes feelings of putting on your favorite driving music and hitting the road. I think both the Escape and the Mustang would have been pretty awesome host vehicles for the Tremor badge. The Escape would be like a miniature concert hall, and the Mustang would be inexplicably awesome. In fact, I’m actually now supremely disappointed that we never saw a bright yellow or blue Ford Mustang Tremor. I think it could have ended up being a future classic pretty easily.

Like many decisions made in American car companies before 2008, there just wasn’t any real rhyme or reason to the Ranger Tremor’s existence. Still, Ford made 6,000 of them in the 2002 model year — so if you see one out there, you are witnessing a unicorn. Just close your eyes, pretend it’s a Mustang and maybe someday your dreams will come true. Find a 2002 Ford Ranger for sale

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