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The Geo Storm Was Actually a Cool Car and Still Is to This Day

Yes, you read that correctly. The Geo Storm was a very cool car in its day, and it’s still cool! I was doing my weekly Autotrader scan, always on the lookout for cool cars. I came across this example. I was immediately awestruck. So many awesome memories of that car and life in the early 1990s. Let’s talk about these sweet cars.

The Geo Storm was actually made by Isuzu and manufactured for Geo directly.

In fact, it is basically a rebadged Isuzu Impulse. In being so, it was offered with two Isuzu powertrain options: the 1.6-liter 4XE1 or the 1.8-liter 4XF1. Most Storms got the 95 horsepower 1.6-liter 4XE1, but the last years with the GSi option got the larger 140 hp 1.8-liter 4XF1 engine. There were three transmission options through the model years, the 5-speed manual, the 3-speed automatic or the 4-speed automatic. They were all manufactured at the Fujisawa plant in Japan.

Performance-wise, they were fast in neither top speed nor in acceleration. However, several performance tests in the early 1990s found them to stick like glue to the road when it came to handling. So much so that these cars outdid the popular Mazda RX-7 of that time with a skid pad rating of 0.85 g. The Isuzu Impulse version of this car actually had its suspension tuned by Lotus, so it’s no wonder the Geo Storms handled so well. These cars were fuel efficient, fun, had great looks and came in cool new colors not seen on cars previously.

Today, these cars have had a resurgence of interest amongst millennials and the popularity of the styling from anything from the 1990s. This car totally fits right in. In fact, there are even special events now celebrating the automotive lifestyle of the late 1980s and 1990s. One certain event, called Radwood, is held in several cities each year. Fellow writer Tyler Hoover is bonkers over these cars and has attended Radwood, drooling over all the cool cars on display. If the 1990s are cool again, then the Geo Storm is the epitome of this era. I remember seeing these when new. My fellow teenage friends and I were absolutely enamored with them. We would point them out in public and drool. They were, and still are, a really totally awesome, quirky symbol of the early ’90s.

The real downer with these really cool cars is they are not as plentiful as they once were. If you get the itch to start shopping for one, and locate it, you better snag it before anyone else does. If you’re dying to relive the 1990s era, the Geo Storm is a good start in that direction. Totally a RAD car! Find a Geo Storm for sale

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  1. I had the blue Storm GSI for about 5 months until I totaled it in northern Wisconsin while driving from Michigan to Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding held at a Minneapolis zoo. I hit a +500lb bear near Rhinelander. The bear didn’t die on impact, but the Storm did. The sheriff deputy had local high school students, with bear hunting experience, track the injured bear back into the woods so it wouldn’t suffer nor harm anyone. I paid the DNR and local taxidermist to keep and save the hide.

  2. I had a supervisor with one of these things back in my teens and it scared me everytime I was in it.  Dunno if she trashed it but it felt like the thing was coming apart at the seams and WOW was it bad…

  3. Brings back memories. My friend had a black Storm when we were in high school. I have fond memories of being taken to and from soccer practice in it. What a cool car back in the day.

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