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Get to Know Clari-Fi. You’ll Thank Us Later.

With the exception of a dead battery, a forgotten mug of coffee and eternally long traffic delays, nothing sullies an already hellish commute faster than tinny music. You know what I mean: That weird, hollow or flat sound that cuts into Taylor Swift’s "Blank Space" like, well, a blank space.

Thank goodness for Clari-Fi.

If you remember a time when cars had cassette players, you know how far music technology has come. Heck, even if CDs seem like ancient, ancient history, you still have to agree that the way we play our tunes/podcasts/audiobooks has made leaps and bounds. And yet, compressed audio doesn’t sound great. Which is why Clari-Fi’s music restoration technology is music to our (compressed-weary) ears.

Missing Notes

A little background: If you download, stream or play music on a digital device, your music is digitally-compressed. This process can remove up to 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs — so you’re left humming along to a reduced version of the real thing. Just like baked potato chips will never deliver the flavor you’re craving like the full-fat, yummy kind, compressed audio sounds half-baked too.

Scan n’ Find

Clari-Fi works by analyzing digital files in real time and scanning all types of compressed audio files for lost music details — those components that are so important to giving music its richness. It supports MP3, AAC, satellite radio, YouTube, Playback and streaming music services, so you’re never far from the brilliance of this tech.

Rebuilding What’s Lost

Clari-Fi instantly corrects waveform deficiencies based on existing music information and audio source quality. On its website, the tech gurus who explain how it works say high-fidelity music that’s been "Clari-fied" sounds clearer, crisper, wider and more dynamic. It’s more faithful to the original recording.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Grab your headphones and take a listen to the three clips of songs on The difference was incredible. In the non-treated tracks, the songs sound fine, pretty much what we are all used to hearing stream into our cars or out of our devices. After being Clari-fied, the songs truly sing. I heard dimensions not present in the un-treated song, and chords that almost sounded hidden came to life. Eugene Grygo of Financial Technologies Forum News calls the difference "impressive," making him "nostalgic for vinyl." That’s pretty much the holy grail when it comes to music — bringing back the luster of the most imperfect medium.

Harman, the company behind the cutting-edge technology, is partnered with such carmakers as Lexus, Subaru, Kia and Hyundai to bring this premium audio system to a variety of makes and models. The future of sound? Bright and beautiful.


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