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GM’s Maven Car Sharing Company Expanding Its Gig Service

On the lookout for more ways to leverage its Maven car sharing business, GM is expanding the service’s short-term, on-demand Gig rentals into several additional cities. On the hunt for new mobility solutions on which to capitalize, carmakers like GM and Ford are spreading into areas beyond simply building and marketing cars.

Bracing for a future in which personal car ownership isn’t a given, auto manufacturers are securing different paths to moving the metal. Car sharing, delivery services and even transporting children to school or baseball practice are all on the table. Where the future of carmakers is concerned, the only guarantee is that there are no guarantees.

To that end, GM is investing heavily in its Maven car-sharing business.

What Is Maven?

Maven is an on-demand, short-term rental service accessed through a smartphone app. Launched in early 2016, it offers cars to its members in select cities for hourly or daily rates. Through the app a Maven member — there’s no application or membership fee — can find an available GM car nearby, reserve it and even unlock it. Rates are as low as $8 an hour and $80 per day plus tax, and include insurance and fuel.

First launched in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Maven has expanded into 11 additional cities to date, including Atlanta, Georgia, Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado and Orlando, Florida. Currently, there are 68,000 members nationwide who’ve driven a total of more than 176 million miles.

Maven promises current model-year cars with navigation, OnStar, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What Is Maven Gig?

Gig provides vehicles for freelance drivers. Think of it as driving for Uber or Lyft on steroids. While Gig members can participate as drivers in more traditional ride hailing, they can also make money delivering packages, groceries or carry-out food orders.

A bit different from regular Maven vehicles, Gig vehicles are available for flat weekly rates that include unlimited miles, insurance (minus any deductible) and maintenance. Insurance covers both personal and commercial use. Weekly rates begin under $200 per week plus taxes for a Chevrolet Cruze.

Maven Gig refers to itself as an agnostic platform. That is, it allows drivers to earn money on a variety of apps. Its partners include GrubHub, Instacart, Roadie and ride-hailing services. The newest partner is HopSkipDrive, which is a ride service helping parents get their kids where they need to go when unable to do it themselves.

What Next?

Maven Gig already serves Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Its current expansion plan is to include other cities where Maven already flourishes. Its next markets are Boston, Baltimore, Maryland, Phoenix, Arizona, Detroit, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

What it means to you: Car companies are striving to be more than just that, opening up all sorts of opportunities for car sharing and, in the case of Maven, the gig economy.


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