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Here Are 5 Ultra-Rare Modern Cars

When you talk about rare cars, you can always discuss the obvious stuff — the supercars, the exotic cars, the sports cars. Rarely, however, do people discuss the more interesting rare cars: the rare cars that are rare, but not exactly special. Today I’m going to list out five ultra-rare modern cars that aren’t particularly thrilling — but they’re cool and rare and unique nonetheless.

Buick Terraza

Buick Terraza

The Buick Terraza was intended to be a "luxury" minivan — an upscale version of the Saturn Relay, the Chevrolet Uplander and the Pontiac Montana SV6 that General Motors offered for sale after the cancellation of earlier minivan models. Those vehicles are all pretty rare, but the Terraza is especially uncommon, as very few ever made it into public hands during their small period on sale — just 2005 through 2007. Right now, there are only around 50 different Terraza models currently listed for sale on Autotrader across the country. Find a Buick Terraza for sale

Kia Borrego

Kia Borrego

The Kia Borrego was intended to be Kia’s full-size family SUV, but it failed miserably — a victim of poor timing. The Borrego made its debut right as the economic recession set in, and few people were interested in a full-size SUV anymore — so sales were weak. Amazingly, the Borrego was canceled after just one model year, 2009, which virtually never happens, though it lived on in other markets for years as the Kia Mohave. Right now, there are around 60 Borrego models listed for sale on Autotrader in the entire country. Find a Kia Borrego for sale

Lincoln Blackwood

Lincoln Blackwood

The Lincoln Blackwood was Lincoln’s first attempt at a pickup truck. Both attempts failed, but the Blackwood especially failed. It was only offered as a crew cab and inexplicably only available with 2-wheel drive, and it also features a questionable trunk over the bed instead of a traditional open bed. The Blackwood was certainly interesting, and it’s certainly rare. Right now, there are only about a dozen currently listed for sale across the country. Find a Lincoln Blackwood for sale

Mazda Navajo

Mazda Navajo

The Mazda Navajo is a very little-known SUV. Offered throughout the early 1990s, it was a twin of the original Ford Explorer — except that it was only offered as a 2-door model, whereas you could get the Explorer with two or four doors. The Navajo sold far, far, far worse than its Ford counterpart as a result of this (and as a result of Mazda’s smaller dealer network and lower name recognition), and it didn’t make it very long. Mazda later came out with another Ford-based SUV in 2001 — the Tribute, based on the Ford EscapeFind a Mazda Navajo for sale

Saturn Astra

Saturn Astra

The Saturn Astra was a General Motors attempt to bring a compact car to North America that was already on sale in Europe — an easy way to get a new model for Saturn without major development costs. Unfortunately, the impending recession caused the entire Saturn brand to fold just after the Astra came out — so it was only on sale for two years. These days, an Astra sighting is tremendously uncommon, and it’s no surprise to understand why, given how poorly they sold. Right now there are only about 50 Astra models currently listed for sale on Autotrader nationwide. Find a Saturn Astra for sale

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