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I Think a Ferrari SUV Is a Great Idea and So Should You

It recently came out that Ferrari, noted manufacturer of sports cars that are so fast they can’t be controlled by the people who buy them, is going to make an SUV. The world instantly went up in arms at this assertion, and I had dozens of people tell me that Ferrari is “selling out.” These people are, of course, wrong.

Here’s the basic gist of what happened. A few weeks ago, Ferrari announced that they were developing an SUV, it’s going to come out in 2022 and it’s being developed under the code name “Purosangue,” which means “pure blood,” or, more accurately perhaps, “thoroughbred.” No pictures or sketches were shown, but I think we all get the idea, based on what we’ve seen from Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and other non-SUV brands that have recently taken on an SUV.

Many people immediately sent me links to articles about this, and they told me they couldn’t believe Ferrari was “selling out” or giving in to the “stupid” SUV craze. I think this is ridiculous.

If you haven’t been paying attention, SUVs are now the dominant force in the car industry. Ford claims to be phasing out all of its non-SUV models, and many other brands aren’t far behind — and cancellation of non-SUV cars is almost a daily occurrence: Subaru killed the Legacy wagon. BMW killed the 6 Series Coupe. Honda says the Accord isn’t selling like they thought it would. Acura combined the TL and TSX into one vehicle, the TLX. I could go on and on and on with one of these stories for basically every automaker selling cars today. Cars simply aren’t selling.

But SUVs are, and this is why Ferrari isn’t selling out. It’d be one thing if Ferrari was creating an SUV as a blatant cash grab, trying to expand ruthlessly in a market that doesn’t necessarily need an SUV. But this is no cash grab: It’s been shown, repeatedly, that SUVs are not just profitable, but they’re what buyers actually want.

Indeed, Ferrari is not cynically creating an SUV solely to gain more money: Ferrari is creating an SUV because their customers — you know, the people who actually buy their products — want one. This isn’t “selling out.” This is how businesses operate. If, tomorrow, a craze began where everyone wanted pink cell phones, and all the cell phone manufacturers made pink cell phones, but Apple held out until finally, eventually, relenting and producing a pink iPhone, would Apple be selling out? Of course not. They’re catering to demand. That’s how this works.

And so that’s exactly what Ferrari is doing, and I appreciate them for it: Businesses exist based on market demand, and this is what the market demands. I can’t wait to see the Ferrari SUV. I just hope it isn’t a 2-door.

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  1. Mtv was catering to demand when they transitioned from music to reality tv too. Just because it’s more profitable for the business doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  2. You cannot be more wrong Doug, it is cash grabbing. I rich man/woman goes to buy a Ferrari because they want exotic super-car. Ferrari is a synonym for that.  SUV’s are a trend of a practical middle class person who wants everything in one. This is what is wrong with the world – people with minds of sheep thinking that they buy some off-road machine called SUV which actually is a slightly higher estate car that sometimes has 4×4. And no this is not a fear of change, it is a fear of the dullness that swallows the car industry. 

    • Exactly. If I had Ferrari money this would be my collection:

      Ferrari (any model)
      Range rover or as everyday car
      And maybe a golf GTI or golf R for another family member
    • I’m in Nashville, which is by no means the richest place, but we’ve got a lot of rich people, and I see Bentaygas all the time. I haven’t seen a Urus yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And I’m willing to bet money that the same person that buys a Urus is also going buy a Huracan, because the people who buy these brands have the money to buy more than one and occasionally want something practical. It’s the reason that I personally know a Porsche guy that has a GT3 RS and a Panamera

    • Sadly the Tesla Model X is the future, Self driving electric crossovers with as much tech as your iPhone or Android, Face it, People nowadays would rather spend MORE time on their phone than driving, After I drove my first BMW with it’s heavier more precise driving I was absolutely hooked.

      I foresee a future where HP is limited to about 200 and almost fully automated and where insurance companies will charge you double for manually driving your dull electric crossover or *gaps* a gas burner!!
      We need to popularize the car again making people excited about driving a real car, Get out of the virtual world and grabbing real life by the horns or in this case the steering wheel!
      I for one am glad for games like NFS and Forza, As it goes, Games tend to turn people into enthusiasts, Much like Call of Duty has popularized tactical gear and weapons.

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