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The Mini Paceman Will Go Down as a Weird, Rare Car

A few years ago, Mini decided to expand its lineup to add some new models — and the result was quirks. Lots of quirks. We got the Mini Coupe, the Mini Roadster and probably the weirdest one of all, the Mini Paceman, which is a 2-door SUV version of the Mini. All have since been canceled, but the Paceman is probably the strangest of all.

Apparently, the thinking within Mini was that SUVs are hot, so they should be making more SUVs — a good thought, for sure. Unfortunately, the execution was a bit misguided, at least in the sense that somehow this idea produced a two-door SUV.

Two-door SUVs are always a bad idea, and they never sell, even though automakers sometimes think they will. The car industry is truly littered with examples of 2-door SUVs that have been canceled due to poor sales, from the Suzuki Vitara to the Isuzu Amigo to the Kia Sportage. Every automaker seems to have tried this game, failed and moved on — yet Mini thought it might have the solution.

The result is that the Mini Paceman is a very unusual car, much to the delight of enthusiasts of unusual cars. Right now, there are just 121 examples listed for sale on all of Autotrader across the entire country — and if you want, for instance, the desirable John Cooper Works model, there are just eight. Yes, eight in the entire country. Just four of those have manuals.

Admittedly, the Paceman isn’t exceptionally weird just yet, largely because it only left the market a few years ago — but as the Paceman ages, and as more examples leave the road, it will only continue to get weirder and weirder, and rarer and rarer. Find a Mini Paceman for sale

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