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The New 4-Cylinder Jaguar F-TYPE Got Me Excited — For About a Minute

The Jaguar F-TYPE is my favorite sports car on the market right now — so when I heard Jaguar was rolling out a 4-cylinder version, I was pretty excited. Not only does this new engine option make the F-TYPE more attainable, but it’ll make a surprisingly muscular 296 horsepower — plenty of grunt, which means you could probably do just fine settling with the 4-cylinder. But mostly it’s about that aforementioned attainability: The new 4-cylinder F-TYPE will be a lot cheaper, right?

Wrong. As it turns out, the new 4-banger F-Type is priced at $59,900 — far too much. Allow me explain why.

The primary issue is that, at $59,900, the 4-cylinder F-TYPE is only about $1,500 less than the 340-hp V6 that was formerly the base engine option. While that may be a big difference when you’re trying to decide between the Chevy Spark and Sonic, it’s only an increase of about 2.5 percent in Jaguar F-TYPE world. It’s the same cost as optioning your Jag to be painted a certain shade of gray.

Simply put, I don’t see how anyone who’s interested in a $60,000-ish sports car could look at both the 4-cylinder F-TYPE and the V6 and not opt for the V6, with its additional power and cylinders. The four simply needs to be much cheaper, perhaps around $50,000, in order to justify its existence.

That is, unless something else is going on.

It’s entirely possible the 4-cylinder will completely replace the base V6 option on the F-TYPE to help Jaguar with corporate emissions and fuel efficiency standards, as is the global trend. If that is the case, it may end up being a more attractive option than the $79,000 V6 S — but it will definitely be a sad occasion. The two V6 variants are really the sweet spot for the F-TYPE’s chassis, and I don’t know if a 4-cylinder would be able to make up for the loss of the current base-level V6.

At any rate, it does look like the two trims will be sold side-by-side — at least initially. And until either the base is replaced or the price is decreased, I just don’t see people grabbing up the 4-cylinder F-TYPE. Find a Jaguar F-TYPE for sale

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