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The Pontiac G6 GXP Was a Weird Performance Model

You may remember the Pontiac G6. It was a midsize sedan that was offered from 2005 to 2010, designed to be Pontiac’s last-ditch effort to really compete with Japanese midsize sedans, back when the midsize sedan segment was really, really competitive. This was a shot at Toyota, Honda and others.

To really compete with those brands, Pontiac decided to give the G6 a full complement of everything — so that potential shoppers could have no good reason to switch to a Japanese brand over the G6, at least in Pontiac’s eyes. As a result, Pontiac offered the G6 with 4- or 6-cylinder engines. Pontiac offered a coupe, a sedan and a convertible. And Pontiac offered a performance model.

The performance model was called the G6 GXP, and it was rather strange. It wasn’t strange due to the performance, which was pretty muscular by the standards of its day, as it used a 3.9-liter V6 with 252 horsepower, which wasn’t bad. Instead, the G6 GXP was unusual because of its body kit.

The G6 GXP replaced the “GTP” model, which had been the G6’s high-performance version until 2008 — and the GXP’s body kit made two major changes to the look of the regular G6. Specifically, it added a massive wing to the back — a wing that looks far more ridiculous than basically any aftermarket wing you could imagine, as it stuck out past the trunk in all directions like an awning. Then, there was the front end styling: the Pontiac grille, already unusual in its styling, was vastly enlarged to give a more aggressive front end appearance, bringing an even stranger look to the G6.

Truthfully, Pontiac never really needed to create the G6 GXP: basically, no rival midsize sedan had a performance version, and the GXP version sold in very small numbers. But in creating it, they made an especially odd midsize sedan with a highly distinctive look — one that seemed like it had been done by an aftermarket company even though, in fact, it was totally factory.

These days, finding a G6 GXP is a challenge, but there are always a few on Autotrader — a remnant of the bygone era, reminding us of Pontiac’s last-ever high-performance midsize sedan. Find a Pontiac G6 for sale

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  1. I’m still driving my 2008 G6 GXP Sedan, but did not opt for the large wing/hood package. I’ve got just shy of 170k miles on it now. Very likely upgrading to a Kia Stinger GT2 this year, partially based upon your review on YouTube. 🙂 

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