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This Porsche Cayenne Was the Coolest Car at Monterey Car Week

This Porsche Cayenne was the coolest car at Monterey Car Week. There was stiff competition, sure: I happened across two street-parked Bugatti Chirons, simply sitting in regular parallel parking spots one evening as I was walking around the small town of Carmel, near Monterey. That was cool. But this Cayenne is cooler.

Of course, one glance at this Cayenne and you can see why. It’s an early first-generation Cayenne model that’s been brilliantly modified to look like a famous Porsche rally car, such as the 959 Dakar rally car from 1986, or perhaps an older 911 rally car. Better yet, this modification is more than simple paint: Yes, the body panels have been changed to wear Porsche’s famous Rothmans livery and a rally number, but the Cayenne has also received other modifications — like a lift kit, mud flaps, white rally car wheels, ten auxiliary lights and a huge roof rack system that contains a spare tire and a fuel can. It’s truly a sight to behold.

And, indeed, it was likely a pricey undertaking. I’m sure most of these parts aren’t exactly made for the Cayenne (surely there aren’t many Cayenne lift kits available, for instance — and I wonder about the O-Z Racing wheels), meaning a lot of this stuff likely had to be custom fabricated — surely at a high cost. But I saw this thing driving around Monterey Car Week on several occasions, and I must say that the cost was surely worth the looks: Park this thing next to a million-dollar vintage Ferrari, and I bet more people would photograph the Porsche.

Monterey Car Week is all about standing out, and this stands out in the best way possible. While I wasn’t able to talk to the owner, I noticed this Cayenne had Canadian plates: A long drive, and true commitment to having the coolest car at Car Week.

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  1. Now that’s a pretty cool and very tasteful modification in my opinion. Rothmans colors look badass with a very dark shade of blue. Kinda makes me wish that Porsche returned to the Dakar rally with the Cayenne when it was a novelty. And it could have happened a decade ago when VW was winning raids with their Race Touaregs. Obviously not with tobacco sponsorship.

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