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The Porsche Taycan’s Range Number Is a Problem

The Porsche Taycan is poised to go on sale shortly, and the EPA has just weighed in on the car’s range number. The final total: the Taycan Turbo, which is Porsche‘s high-range version, will go just 201 miles between charges. That’s incredibly disappointing, and far below expectations.

Expectations, it should be noted, were already a bit soft. Porsche said the Taycan would travel about 280 miles between charges based on European ratings, which was quite a bit behind the top-range Tesla Model S at 370 miles between charges. As a result, the Taycan really needed that 280-mile rating in order to seem reasonably competitive. It’s built better than a Tesla and it drives better, sure, but customers still want to see a base-line range before committing to any electric vehicle.

And unfortunately, Porsche now doesn’t have that range. If the top-range Turbo model will do just 201 miles, according to the EPA, then lower-range models will almost surely be rated under 200 — which places the Taycan in a truly perilous position. The Nissan Leaf can travel up to 226 miles between charges, according to the EPA, for literally a small fraction of the Taycan’s pricing. Obviously, the Taycan is better in other areas, but range is so fundamental to EV’s existence that a 201-mile figure is truly disappointing.

Now, basically everyone who knows anything about electric vehicles knows that the EPA’s range numbers are very conservative, and it’s likely that the Taycan will do more than 201 miles. But given that the tests are uniform across all vehicles, the fact that the Taycan performed so poorly is more of an indication of how it will compare to rivals — and not a very good one. Indeed, this figure is seriously bad news for the Taycan, a car that’s already being criticized for its poor value compared to its rivals. Find a Porsche Taycan for sale

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  1. The estimated range dropped by 20 miles (putting emphasis on “estimated”). EVs take different things into account when estimating range like climate settings and driving style. The 20 miles drop could have been the car’s range estimate adjusting to the driving style. It’s common for range estimates to drop after turning on the climate control and driving aggressively.

  2. This isn’t surprising- during your test-drive you used 20 miles of range in 4 minutes. Pretty bad when a Leaf has better range than a $110k+ car.

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