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Slick Mobile App Simplifies the Vehicle Ownership Experience

It seems like there are a lot of mobile apps related to mobility that do pretty much the same thing. It’s not often that one that’s truly different comes around, but a new app called Slick is offering something new. This new service can simplify the vehicle ownership experience by bringing maintenance, detailing, wheel service and even fuel directly to you.

Slick has a fleet of vans and trucks with equipment onboard making them mobile maintenance centers and detailers. You start the service by downloading the app (which is available on Android and iOS) and scanning the VIN of your vehicle to let Slick know exactly what you drive. From there you can schedule service and Slick comes to you without you needing to worry about bringing your car to the shop.

Since it’s a fairly new service, the range of maintenance that Slick can do on your car is pretty limited. You can get an oil change, steam cleaning, new tires and fuel delivery. As the service grows, it will likely offer a wider range of services, but for now, it’s pretty convenient to be able to order an oil change from your phone and have it come right to your driveway.

This service is also available to fleets to simplify their routine maintenance. Fleets currently being served by Slick include Comcast, Enterprise, Maven, U-Haul, General Motors and more.

Right now, this service is available in Detroit, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., but Slick has big plans to expand to more markets across the country in 2019 including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and more.

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