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Super Bowl Ads Showcase New Cars and Trucks

  • New spots debut online
  • Automakers showcase latest models
  • Humor and adventure make ads memorable

The biggest TV event of the year is an opportunity for advertisers to reach a huge audience. Anxious to show off their newest models and features, automakers are always among the companies with big-budget Super Bowl ads. This year, some of these automakers have revealed their spots online ahead of the game, and you can get in on the fun by voting on them. For 2014, VW and Chevrolet use humor to pitch their cars and trucks. Toyota and Kia tie in with Hollywood films, and Hyundai shows its new model in the context of family life.

In Volkswagen’s spot, a Passat driver hits 100,000 miles with his daughter riding shotgun. “It’s a big deal,” he tells her before suggesting that every time a VW reaches the milestone, a German engineer “gets his wings.” Skeptical, she sarcastically predicts what happens when a VW reaches 200,000. It’s silly, but kids will love it. And VW hopes car shoppers will remember its final pitch: VW has more 100,000-mile vehicles on the road than any other brand.

Big is sexy in Chevrolet’s ad showcasing the 2015 Silverado HD. It begins with a rancher buying a bull and loading it into a cattle trailer hitched to Chevy’s new heavy-duty pickup. As he travels through town and country, the mood turns romantic. Finally, the Silverado HD reaches its destination. The rancher unloads the bull to a herd of new romantic possibilities.

Toyota’s commercial for the Highlander includes a tie-in with the upcoming movie “Muppets Most Wanted.” Terry Crews is behind the wheel of the redesigned 3-row crossover when he approaches the Muppets’ bus, broken down on the side of the road. The band hops in and takes Crews on an adventurous road trip that loosens up his button-down style.

Kia’s ad plays on Hollywood, with Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from “The Matrix.” A couple retrieving their vehicle from a valet is given a choice. The blue key, Morpheus says, represents “the luxury you know.” The red key — the one that fits Kia’s new K900 flagship sedan — introduces a new paradigm of luxury. The couple takes a chance on the Kia, discovering its comfort with Morpheus along for the ride.

Hyundai cleverly pitches driver-assistance technology on its completely redesigned 2015 Genesis sedan for its Super Bowl spot. We’ve seen automatic braking demonstrated before in ads for new cars: An inattentive driver relies on technology to avoid a crash. But this father-son story takes it a step further, crediting dad for always looking out for his son. It’s a cute pitch, and one viewers are likely to remember.

Other automakers will run spots during Sunday’s Super Bowl game, too. Ford, Jaguar, Chrysler and Audi are all among the expected Super Bowl advertisers. If you’re watching the game, you can see them all and be ready to discuss the best and worst with friends and co-workers on Monday.

What it means to you: Want to see automakers’ very best efforts to attract consumers to their latest cars and trucks? Watch ads for new cars and trucks during the Super Bowl, and be sure to vote on them early.

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