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The Suzuki SX4 Is One of the Most Underrated All-Wheel-Drive Used Cars

When you think of all-wheel-drive (AWD) used cars, you probably think of Subaru. Unfortunately, Subaru owners hold on to their cars ’til death does them part, which keeps used values ridiculously high. Few people think of the underrated Suzuki SX4, but it was, and remains, a great alternative to the Subaru Impreza — and it’s often half the price on the used market. See the Suzuki SX4 models for sale near you

Suzuki first released the SX4 to U.S. buyers in 2006 as an entry-level, AWD hatchback at a price $4,000 to $5,000 less than a comparable Subaru Impreza. The SX4 was equipped with a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine that was good for 143 horsepower. While this number only allowed for a 9.1-second 0-to-60 time and an estimated 23 miles per gallon in combined driving, those numbers more or less matched its AWD competitors. The SX4 could also lock its differential to only the front wheels to improve fuel economy, which the Impreza couldn’t do.

The Suzuki never tried to be more than it was, and for that it should be lauded. It’s an AWD used car that can easily deal with any weather condition for a price that’s easy to swallow. While it may have looked forgettable, it handled competently, carried a perfectly adequate amount of cargo and could comfortably haul four adults around town. The SX4 may not be at the forefront of shoppers’ minds, but it carries none of the markings of a bad car. So if you need AWD, you might want to consider an SX4 — it’s one of the best AWD bargains you can find.

Right now, there are 380 Suzuki SX4s on Autotrader with an average price of around $7,600. Meanwhile, Subaru Impreza models with similar mileage can cost up to $5,000 more than a comparable SX4. Sure, the SX4 didn’t have Paul Hogan singing its praises, but it will do just fine for anyone who needs AWD on the cheap. Find a Suzuki SX4 for sale

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  1. My dad has a Fiat Sedici, which is basically a sx4 with a fiat badge, but nevertheless I absolutely fell in love with this car. He had the 1.6 petrol with 107 hp and lockable center diff for 50-50 power distribution. Now the car has over 120k km and never had any issue, even tho i abused the car in the last two year, especially in the winter, where the awd system is perfect for power sliding, but the engine is lacking power.

    With these out, it has never ever let me down, never broken down on the road, it just needed gas and that was it.

    The awd system took me everywhere off-road both in the winter and the summer with the suitable tires and i’ve been into some pretty remote places.

    I find this car to be a hidden gem of the awd world, and it has earned so much sentimental value in my eyes that i’m not going to change it anytime soon

  2. Bought a SX4 Crossover with 6 speed manual brand new in 2012.  Have 116,000 on it…  and love the little car.  It’s under powered so you have to rap it up like a sewing machine,  but it will scoot then.  MPG is so so (27), but gas is cheap so who cares.  
    Added aftermarket cruise and it’s a road trip car for 3 people. 
    Only thing I have done to it is change the oil, brakes, and tires.  I have no plans to get rid of it.  My daughter wants it.  HAH!  Too bad.  I’m keeping it.  Will buy her something else.
  3. I bought an sx4 with about 40000 miles on it about 4 or 5 years ago and it currently has 149000,I have had no issues with it.I was rear ended by a distracted driver doing 40 that did not see me stop at the light and it just picked up the back end of my car and totaled her large sedan.I also hit a large deer and both the car and the deer came away unscathed.I have drove to get my 5 year old 165 miles to the north each there and back every weekend and on one occasion i saw 4 large suvs in the ditch in a snow storm and I was able to get up to pick up my son with no issues.I have had 2 Suzuki’s and 2 Subarus in my life and both subarus had head gasket and timing belt issues.They are not pretty and dont handle as well as the subs,but they are great cars for the money.

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