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These Are the Best Big Old American Luxury Sedans for Sale on Autotrader

If you’re looking for a traditional full-size American luxury sedan — with a roomy interior, rear-wheel drive and not much technology — you’re probably disappointed by the current crop of brand-new vehicles. Fortunately, Autotrader has the cars you’re searching for — and I’ve rounded up a list of five of the best old-school American luxury sedans currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

1996 Buick Roadmaster

1996 Buick Roadmaster – 39,400 Miles

Although this generation of the Buick Roadmaster was best-known for its wagon version, there’s a sedan, too — and it’s delightfully old-school. Featuring a big V8 up front and RWD, the Roadmaster is absolutely massive — and this one has traveled just 39,400 miles. This one is finished in dark red with a similarly dark red interior, and it’s offered by Spady Sales in Holdredge, Nebraska, for $14,500. Find a Buick Roadmaster for sale

1987 Cadillac Brougham

1987 Cadillac Brougham – 53,000 Miles

The Cadillac Brougham was a high-end model that split off from the Fleetwood in the late 1980s. This is a fantastic Brougham, in truly excellent condition, with all the luxury you’d expect from 1980s Cadillac — and it was a very different car from European and Japanese luxury vehicles of the day. This Brougham is finished in something of a gold-beige with a matching interior, and it’s offered by Lewis Automotive Group in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with just 53,000 miles for $6,000. Find a Cadillac Brougham for sale

1995 Cadillac Fleetwood

1995 Cadillac Fleetwood – 38,600 Miles

The Cadillac Fleetwood was the very last iteration of the true, full-size, RWD, body-on-frame Cadillac. Featuring a big V8 and riding on the same platform as the Buick Roadmaster above, the Fleetwood was a comfortable cruiser — and this one is in excellent shape. It’s traveled just 38,600 miles from new, and it’s offered by Eastep’s Wheels in Lincoln, Nebraska, for $20,000 — big money, but potentially reasonable considering this car’s condition and its “last of the last” status. Find a Cadillac Fleetwood for sale

1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue – 65,300 Miles

Although Chrysler never took the full-size sedan quite as far as rival brands, this version of the Fifth Avenue certainly fit the bill. Featuring a V8 engine, RWD and a traditional 3-box design, this Fifth Avenue is a very old-school car in look and feel — and this one’s bright red interior certainly contributes to that effect. This Fifth Avenue is now offered by a private seller in Denver with just 65,000 miles for $11,000. Find a Chrysler Fifth Avenue for sale

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  1. I’d take that Brougham as my parents had one just like it and it was gloriously road-boaty.  Loved that car.

  2. I really want that Fleetwood.  I’ve had a soft spot for them for years (I first fell in love with that body, when on the episode of Seinfeld, Jerry bought his parents the Cadillac).

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