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These Are the Best Used Japanese Luxury Cars for Sale on Autotrader

If you’re interested in a used luxury car, you probably already know the general overview: used European luxury cars are the best, with the smoothest rides, and the best technology, but they’re also prone to breaking — and fixes can be expensive. For people who want a little more reliability to go with their luxury, here are some of the best used Japanese luxury cars currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

1992 Acura Legend

1992 Acura Legend – $18,500

The Acura Legend was Acura’s flagship model throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. This 1992 Legend Coupe is in excellent shape, finished in red with a cream leather interior and an odometer that reads just 49,000 miles. It’s an excellent example of a car that isn’t always brilliantly preserved, and it’s currently listed by Naples Acura in Naples, Florida, for $18,500. Find an Acura Legend for sale

2003 Infiniti M45

2003 Infiniti M45 – $8,000

The original Infiniti M45 is one of my favorite Japanese luxury cars, as it was something of a special high-performance luxury muscle car — thanks to a 340-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 and rear-wheel drive. The original M45 was only sold in 2003 and 2004, and they’re rare to find today. This 2003 model is offered by Carolina Auto Resale Supercenter in Reidsville, North Carolina, with 94,000 miles for $8,000. Find an Infiniti M45 for sale

2012 Lexus LFA

2012 Lexus LFA – $532,000

The Lexus LFA is a special car, of course — it’s probably the most amazing high-performance Japanese car ever made. Lexus didn’t make many LFA models, and they’re tremendously rare — especially in yellow, like this one. This 2012 LFA is offered by Bell Lexus North Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona, outside of Phoenix, and it’s traveled just 227 miles from new. It’s currently listed for $532,000, which is a massive figure — but potentially very much worth it, given the car’s rarity and special status. Find a Lexus LFA for sale

2008 Lexus LS 600hL

2008 Lexus LS 600hL – $17,999

The Lexus LS 600hL was the hybrid-powered Lexus flagship meant to take on the ultra-luxury German rivals like the Mercedes-Benz S600, the BMW 760 and Audi A8L W12. The LS 600hL was only sold from 2008 to 2012, and it was big money when new — but now it’s more affordable. This one is offered by Atlanta Auto Brokers in the Atlanta area with 119,000 miles for $17,999. Find a Lexus LS Hybrid for sale for sale

1986 Toyota Cressida

1986 Toyota Cressida – $15,985

The Toyota Cressida was the flagship model in the Toyota lineup before the Lexus brand debuted — and before the Avalon ever came out. Slotting above the Camry, the Cressida was the nicest Toyota you could get for years — and it’s rare to see one for sale. This 1986 Cressida is in decent shape, though it’s traveled more than 150,000 miles from new — and it’s currently offered by Spotless Auto in San Antonio for $15,985. Find a Toyota Cressida for sale

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  1. The Acura is overpriced by $10k and that Toyota is just laughable. Drop the 5 off the end and now you are in the ballpark.

  2. Maybe if that Legend were an LS Type-II 6 spd you could justify that price. Still in fantastic shape though, those Legends were very nice.

  3. I love the M45. My neighbor has a very handsome example in obsidian black. 

    Im not sure if that price on the Cressida is supposed to be pesos or Monopoly money or what.
  4. Agreed on the CP comment for the Cressida, but the rest I like.  That Legend is a beauty; too much $$$, but a beauty nonetheless.  I saw an LFA driving around last year and that thing sounded glorious, and I like that M45 and LS.  Excellent post!  Now, can you find a first or second gen Prelude that’s in as good shape for a reasonable price?

    • Oh, the Acura is obscenely overpriced and if it wasn’t being sold by a dealer I’d say it’s one of those cars where the wife (or maybe husband) wants it gone because it’s taking up too much space or whatever so the owner says “Sure honey” and places the ad with a ridiculous price knowing no one will pay it so he/she can say “I tried to sell it!” But at least there’s a market for it, they won’t get $18,500 for it but I can see someone paying 15 grand. 

      Who the hell wants a 1986 Toyota Cressida at ANY price, much less for 16 grand? I’d imagine most of the people reading this have never even heard of it, rightly so.

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