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Top 10 Most Affordable Vehicles to Insure in 2018

There are a lot of factors to consider when calculating a vehicle’s cost of ownership. Of course, there’s the price you actually pay for the car, but on top of that, there’s also fuel economy, reliability and maintenance costs. One of the big ones is how much it costs to insure.

To help you find a car that will return a low monthly car insurance bill, Mercury Insurance put together this helpful list of the top 10 most affordable vehicles to insure in 2018. Mercury Insurance got its data by examining the top 100 make and model combinations for the 2018 model year and comparing the costs of insuring them with full coverage in California. Here are the most affordable vehicles to insure in 2018.

  1. Honda Fit

  2. Ford Fiesta

  3. Honda CR-V

  4. Honda Pilot

  5. Mini Countryman

  6. Ford Edge

  7. Mazda3

  8. Hyundai Elantra

  9. Toyota Sienna

  10. Nissan Versa

"There are a number of reasons why these vehicles cost less to insure: they are typically involved in fewer car collisions; and if they are in a car collision, the cost to repair them is lower than other vehicles," said Chong Gao, private passenger auto R&D manager for Mercury Insurance. "Mercury put together this list to help savvy vehicle shoppers know where savings can be found, as the average cost to insure any of these vehicles is 10 percent cheaper than the average of all other cars and trucks Mercury insures."

Most of the cars on this list are pretty common, practical, everyday cars, but one that stands out is the Mini Countryman. Mini’s unconventional compact SUV offers something with a different kind of look and personality in an increasingly crowded field of crossovers. Being the fifth most affordable vehicle on the market to insure is a nice bonus of driving this quirky 5-door.

For anyone with a tight budget in the market for a new vehicle, getting one that doesn’t cost much to insure can make your monthly car payment a little easier.

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